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Tilt’n Tuesdays 4/12/2022

April 12, 2022 @ 6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

pinball arcade tournament

Main Tournament Final Results

Position Player
1  Tom Graf
2  Eric Strangeway
3  Rob Noe
4  Andrew Kasten
5  Holden Milanowski
5  Erik Rentmeester
7  Kassidy Milanowski
8  Patrick Vandeneng
9  Neil Graf
10  Greg Pitner
11  Weston Flegel
12  Michael Reiman
13  Chris Gerwing
14  Mike Schlumpf
15  Jason Marks
16  Colton Lee Roberts
17  Jesse Carpenter
17  Rebecca Mallmann
19  Kris Koehler
20  Brian Pierce
21  Mark Ten Haken
22  David Verhagen
23  Rick Petit
24  Jeff Kowalchuk
25  Drew Geigel
26  Bret Paluch
27  Austin Ryczek
28  Steve Fabry
29  Tom Schmidt
30  Hailey Davis
31  Matt McCarty
32  Scott Marquardt
33  Peter Goeben
34  Rachel Ristow
35  Joe DeCleene
36  Bret Derby
37  Erik Thoren
38  Tim Petitjean
39  Jeff Batzer
40  Jon Bruinooge
41  Brock Mallmann
42  Lucas Flegel
43  Kevin Shawbitz
44  Timothy Enders
45  Tara Henjum
46  Chuck Blohm
47  Brian Leuthner
48  Neil Green
49  Becky Meyer
50  Andy Van Schyndle
51  Tony Trofka
51  Beth Trofka
53  Bill Faster
54  Erik Nelson
55  Kevin E Cucci
56  Joe Lytie
57  Lee Dietzen
58  Mike Weyenberg
59  Steve Beno
59  Kc Burkett
61  Bob Brisk
62  Bruce Bennett
63  Justyn Smolenski
64  Samantha Verhagen
65  Aaron Stordeur
66  Vaelle Voise
67  Shawn McDonald
68  Haley Cryderman
69  Kristoffer Rohde
70  Alex Stanek
71  Richard Milanowski

Hot Hand Side Tournament Final Results

1  Erik Thoren
2  Matt McCarty
3  Timothy Enders
4  Justyn Smolenski
5  Mark Ten Haken
6  Greg Pitner
7  Tony Trofka
8  Chuck Blohm
9  Kassidy Milanowski
10  Patrick Vandeneng
11  Andrew Kasten
12  Lee Dietzen
13  Andy Van Schyndle
14  Rob Noe
15  Bill Faster
16  Kevin Shawbitz
17  Steve Beno
18  Brian Leuthner
19  Colton Lee Roberts
20  Kristoffer Rohde
21  Michael Reiman
22  David Verhagen
23  Jason Marks
24  Becky Meyer
25  Vaelle Voise
26  Rick Petit
27  Scott Marquardt
28  Rachel Ristow
29  Joe Lytie
30  Eric Strangeway
31  Tim Petitjean
32  Drew Geigel
33  Jeff Batzer
34  Tara Henjum
35  Peter Goeben
36  Erik Nelson
37  Rebecca Mallmann
38  Brock Mallmann
39  Mike Weyenberg
40  Bruce Bennett
41  Kris Koehler
42  Jon Bruinooge
43  Chris Gerwing
44  Weston Flegel
45  Samantha Verhagen
46  Mike Schlumpf
47  Joe DeCleene
48  Jesse Carpenter
49  Tom Schmidt
50  Austin Ryczek
51  Bret Derby
52  Aaron Stordeur
53  Shawn McDonald
54  Kevin E Cucci
55  Bret Paluch
56  Brian Pierce
57  Lucas Flegel
58  Hailey Davis
59  Jeff Kowalchuk
60  Steve Fabry
61  Bob Brisk
62  Kc Burkett
63  Holden Milanowski
64  Richard Milanowski
65  Erik Rentmeester

We are the Largest Pinball Arcade in Wisconsin. Machines from the 1960’s through today. All the games are set on free play so no quarters or tokens are needed.

Play over 100 Pinball Machines on Tilt’n Tuesdays!

This event happens 2 times per month (24 times per year).

New Players and all skill levels Welcome!

$25 Admission Per Player covers all costs for the night

5PM Doors open for all you can play pinball

6PM Tournament Starts

Beverages and Trophies Sponsored by our friends at Escape Room Wisconsin

IFPA approved event

Any one can join us for Tilt’n Tuesdays. This is an organized regular tournament that we have twice per month. Anyone who wants to play is welcome to attend but this is not open pinball which is on most Friday nights. Everyone on Tuesday nights competes in the organized tournament, but you can still play anything you want at practice, in-between rounds, and when it is over. New players are welcome and I will walk you through how it works when you get here. It’s a lot of fun and not stressful at all. You are here to have a good time and you absolutely will!

The $25 Fee covers both the main and side tournament on this day, all game play, bottled water and soda. Price for children 13 and younger with adult will be $20 for the night. Pay in person when you come to District 82 Pinball. This is an individual event and not a team event. Practice starts at 5PM and tournament starts at 6PM. To register use the “register” button on this page or send an email to [email protected] saying you would like to play on Tuesday Night.

Click Here for more information on Tilt’n Tuesdays

Main Event:

We play 7 Rounds of group match play style pinball with Swiss Seeding. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is I can explain it to you very quickly when you show up. You play anything you want during practice from 5PM-6PM. Then we start the tournament at 6PM. In-between the 7 rounds of play there will be some down time and you can play anything you want. All games are on Free Play. We play 7 rounds each night. Each round consists of 1 randomly selected game that you play with 3 other people. Based on your score for that game you will either get 1st (7 points), 2nd (5 points), 3rd (3 points) or 4th (1 points). Then on the subsequent rounds the computer will match you up on a different game typically with different players who have a similar cumulative points earned for the night as you do. After the 7 rounds, we take the top 8 players for overall points and then do a 2 round, 3 games per round playoff. In the playoff the highest seeded person in each group gets to choose if they want to pick the bank of games to play on or if they want to pick the order in which they will play (1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th), then the next highest seed gets the next choice, etc. If you don’t want to play in the playoff or need to leave the next highest placed person (9th) will take your place, etc. The top 4 players overall will receive trophies. Each tournament will also earn you some WPPR (World Pinball Player Ranking) points and get you both a State of Wisconsin and International ranking with the IFPA.

Tiebreakers-If we have a tie for 8th place (or the final place to get you into a final) we will have a 1 game playoff chosen by the tournament director. That tiebreaker will be significant in that if you get into the final you could improve your position to 1st place. You could also worsen your position to the bottom of the people in the tiebreaker. Example- 6 people all tie for 7th place (7,8,9,10,11,12th). In the tiebreaker 2 people advance to the final and 4 do not. The 4 that don’t will get 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th place based on there tiebreaker score.

More than 80 players- IFPA rules say we have to bring a minimum of 10% of the players into the final of any given tournament. We will add 1 game to the final to be played as follows. If we get between 81-90 players than the top 7 get a first round bye. 8th & 9th place will have a 1 game playoff to determine who advances. If we get between 91-100 players the top 7 will have 1st round bye and the 8th, 9th & 10th place will have a 1 game playoff with the winner advancing. If we get between 101-110 players than the top 7 will have a 1st round bye and the 8th, 9th, 10 & 11th position will have a 1 game playoff with the winner advancing.

Side Tournament:

We have one machine dedicated as the side tournament qualifier game. You play one game on that sometime in the evening and hopefully put up a good score. The top 8 players will get to play a 2 round, 4 games per round playoff to determine the winner. Bank of games is randomly selected with the highest seed getting player order choice 1st, then the next highest seed gets order choice, etc. If you don’t want to play in the playoff or need to leave the next highest score person (9th) will take your place, etc.

Current Game List is Here

Private Parties at District 82 Pinball

Have District 82 Pinball host your Private Event, Team Building Event, or Birthday Party! We have 2 different options. You get the the whole pinball arcade to yourselves not just a side room.

Click here for more details on private events


District 82 Pinball Arcade
800 Okeefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
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(920) 621-9631
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