The Addams Family Pinball Machine

Play the Addams Family Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82.  It is a Bally 1992 pinball that was added to the roster in June 2018. This pinball machine has always ranked in the top 10 of pinball machines of all time!

Pinball Machine Features

  • This game has 4 flippers--3 full size 1 small "thing" flipper that can be automatically controlled by the game.
  • First ever optical targets that are used in the bookcase
  • Magnets under the playfield "The Power" affect the ball movement during multiball
  • Large "Thing Hand" comes out to magnetically grab the ball from the upper right corner of the machine.
  • I added lots of spotlights to this specific machine so you can see it a lot better when you play.
  • Pat Lawlor designed this and many of the other Top Pinball Machines like Twilight Zone, Earthshaker, Monopoly, No Good Gophers, and Whirlwind...all of which you can play at District 82!
  • A special run of Gold Machines came out in 1994. Its the same game but has more cosmetic features.

Addams Family Pinball Machine Gameplay Crash Course

Chair starts modes. Either ramp lights chair. Modes can be stacked. If chair is unlit, the right inlane lights chair momentarily.

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