Baby Pacman Arcade Pinball Machine

Play Baby Pacman Arcade Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is a difficult one to find fully working, but this one looks and plays awesome!

Pinball Machine Features

In the early 80's everything that was Pac-man was made. So here you go half pinball half video game all Pacman. If you understand the rules this is a fun machine, but, if you don't its frustrating and you walk away.

You start as a pacman video game--a very brutal, difficult version of it. Earn points by eating dots, but wait... the power pellets are missing! You earn the power pellets by escaping down through the bottom of the maze. This takes you to the pinball machine. Spell PACMAN on one of the 4 columns (drop targets in the middle) to earn between 1 and 4 power pellets. Once you lose your ball you are moved back up to the video game where the escape tunnels to the pinball are now closed. Any power pellets earned are flashing in the maze. Gobble up dots, power pellets and blue ghosts just like you would in pacman. Finish the level or die and the lower escape tunnels return so you can play pinball again.

That's basically all the rules. Now go out there, practice, and Play More Pinball!

Gameplay Crash Course

Clear maze by working in big loops and not doubling back. Hide from ghosts in the bottom tunnels, they won't follow you there.

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