Black Knight 2000 Pinball Machine (BK2K)

Play the Black Knight 2000 Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82. BK2K is a Williams 1989 classic pinball that was added to the roster in April 2020. Erik Thoren restored this playfield and not it plays very, very fast.

Pinball Machine Features

This is one of my favorite all time pinball machines. Clearcoated playfield, new plastics, lots of new parts, added spot lights and led lighting make this an incredible machine to play!

  • 3 Flippers
  • Upper Playfield
  • 3 bank stand up targets that lower to allow you to hit the ramp and lock your balls on the upper playfield. This is how you start multi-ball
  • 2 separate 3 bank drop targets
  • Magna save to try and save your ball on the right outlane---you must be fast to save it!
  • Horseshoe lane under the upper playfield and spits the ball back at you very fast!
  • Couple of different multi-balls
  • Awesome music!
  • Designed by Steve Richie who also designed AC/DC, Black Knight, F-14 Tomcat, Game of Thrones, High Speed, The Getaway, Rollergames, No Fear, Spider-man, Terminator 2 and Terminator 3. Most of which you can play at District 82!

Gameplay Crash Course

The Lightning Wheel shot, even when unlit, is still a good way to get the ball from the lower playfield back to the upper playfield.

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