Black Rose Pinball Machine

Play Black Rose Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Bally made this game in 1992. This specific machine looks different because the display was moved to a speaker panel like Williams machines from this era and the hole in the backglass covered up with a phrase.

Pinball Machine Features

  • 3 Flippers
  • 3 Ramps
  • It features a 2 & 3 Ball Multi-ball
  • The uppper Left Ramp is mechanically raised and lowered. This is the entrance to the lower cannon. This cannon is fired with the button in the middle of the lock down bar.
  • You fire the ball out of the cannon and into the center broadside hole in the center back of the playfield. The ball is then send up with a VUK (vertical up kicker) and back down a raised habitrail ramp in the middle of the playfield to the right flipper.
  • Lots and lots of points can be made just hitting the center broadside shot over and over again.
  • It has 2 different video modes.
  • John Trudeau and Brian Eddy designed this game.

Gameplay Crash Course

The Double Broadside mode (first cannon shot award) is very valuable. Shots to broadside start at 1M and double each shot up to 32M for 30s.

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