BMX Pinball Machine

Play BMX Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is a rare; only 400 made. Originally designed to be E.T. but they never got the license. This is 2 half playfields put together for a very fast game. In/out lanes are hard to control but very rewarding when you put up a good score!

Pinball Machine Features

  • 4 Flippers
  • Magnet in the upper portion of the split level playfield.
  • Flex save out lanes are the biggest feature. These are also used on Dungeons & Dragons and Hard Body Machines. Controlled by the 2 extra buttons next to the flipper buttons on the sides of the cabinet.
  • Drop Targets on the upper playfield can be extremely valuable but are timed so you need to complete the bank within 8 seconds of hitting your first drop target.
  • 2X & 3X playfield multipliers and bonus collect on the upper playfield.
  • Lots of shots on the this early solid state game!

Gameplay Crash Course

2X and 3X Playfield Multipliers are the skill shot in upper left corner of upper playfield. Try to shoot them before you hit any other switches on each ball as the skill shot.

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