Champion Pub Pinball Machine

Play Champion Pub Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82 Pinball Arcade! Really great fun pinball machine from the late 90's. This game is in excellent condition and has a color DMD!

Pinball Machine Features

The main objective of Champion Pub is to beat up all the boxers. You do this by training on the speed bag, jump rope, and heavy bag. Once you have trained enough that will lite 'start fight'. Hit the lit start fight lane. That will turn the heavy bad around to reveal the fighter. You bash him enough to beat him before you drain your ball. Keep defeating as many fighters as you can before you lose your ball.

Gameplay Crash Course

For quick/safe big points > Right inlane lights Jackpot at Left Ramp (feeds inlane)> loop > value goes up to Super at the center shot.

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