Doctor Who Pinball

Play Doctor Who Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This machine has the prototype moving Dalek topper and a color DMD.

Pinball Machine Features

The Time Expander is the main feature in this game. You need to physically lock 2 balls in it then the whole platform raises up to expose more targets. You need to hit these targets a number of times before the whole thing raised up yet again exposing 3 doors. Hit one of the these door to start mutli-ball and release the 2 balls you already locked. Then you hit all 3 doors while you still have at least 2 balls on the playfield for Jackpot!

You can also loop the upper right ramp with your upper left flipper to increase the playfield multiplier. You can keep looping this until a trap door opens on the ramp feeding the ball to your lower left flipper and hit the lower right ramp for a Sonic Boom!

Fans of the TV show are going to love this theme and music. Come down and play this one today!

Gameplay Crash Course

Maxing the PF multiplier (upper ramp loops) is very important. After 10 loops, complete W-H-O for Sonic Booms (10M x multiplier each shot).

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