F-14 Tomcat Pinball

Play F-14 Tomcat Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! You want fast pinball? You found it! Get the multi-ball, hit the Jackpot and make a safe landing. Go USA!

Pinball Machine Features

F-14 Tomcat Pinball features 4 flippers, 3 rotating beacon lights on top of machine, kick back and the Yagov Kicker which kicks the ball directly at the flippers at high speed. If that ball drains out immediately cause you missed it then the machine will give you a ball save (flight insurance). This is the first machine to have a ball save. Steve Richie designed this game. He also designed AC/DC, Black Knight, Black Knight 2000, Firepower, Flash, Game of Thrones, High Speed, No Fear, Rollergames, Spider-Man, Stern Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation and many many more. You can play most of these games at District 82!

Gameplay Crash Course

If 5 out of 6 tomcat letters are lit, shooting the right orbit will spot a letter and immediately lock a ball

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