Ghostbusters Premium Pinball

Play Ghostbusters Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is just like playing the original movie but in a pinball machine!

Gameplay Crash Course

This is an awesome machine. This was the last game from Stern to feature a DMD as the following games all had an LCD screen. Fully packed with features this is the Premium Version. The main different feature is the magnetic sling shots. They call them the spooky slings. The more times you hit the slings the crazier the action is on them. I've even had them throw the ball up the ramp! Game has multi-ball, tons of modes, all the best one-liners from the movie and a little graphics clip to go with them. This machine also has a ColorDMD installed cause it really, really needed it. You just have to come down and play it!

Gameplay Crash Course

Plunging the ball a short distance, then plunging it immediately at full strength instantly scores a Skill Shot at the right orbit.

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