Jurassic Park Pinball Machine

Play Jurassic Park pinball machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82 Pinball  Arcade!

Pinball Machine Features

Jurassic Park made by Data East in 1993 is a classic mode based game. Shot the scoop, start mode, do what mode says to score points, shoot lit spinner to re lite the scoop, shoot scoop again. Also, the tombstone target (same as on Tommy) is how you start multi-ball. You need to hit it enough and it lowers down to allow a ball behind it. If you hit it in there mutli-ball will start. Jackpots are on the ramps. This was one of my first DMD pinball machines in my collection and I still love playing it!

We also have the new Jurassic Park Premium made by Stern.

Gameplay Crash Course

You have one Smart Missile per game. If TriBall is ready hitting the Smart Missile button will start multiball.

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