Mondy Night Football Pinball

Play Monday Night Football Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Data East made this game in 1989. LED lights added, a real backglass, and a jump ramp for the score!

Pinball Machine Features

Are you ready for some football?! Monday Night Football comes to you from Data East. This game has an important skill shot right from the start. Hit your ball into 1 of the 4 flashing holes to score a touchdown. Then the center ramp raises up for an extra point. If you hit 2 extra points in a row this lights the bomb ramp for 1 millions points! Also, has a 3 ball multi-ball. Locks can be stolen by other players so it makes competition a bit more stressful. You can also raise the center ramp by gaining 100 yards down the field.

Gameplay Crash Course

Hit skill shoot on plung for TD, Then extra point shoot 2 times or more and shoot the Bomb ramp in the time limit for 1 million points.

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