Nascar Pinball Machine

Play Nascar Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Fast paced, many modes, great game from one of the best designers of all time!

Pinball Machine Features

This game features a voice over from Allen Bestwick, NASCAR television analyst for NBC. Music tracks include Sammy Hagar's "I Can't Drive 55"

This is a mode based game and has a large "race track" loop around the outside edge of the playfield. Has multiball, drop targets, ramps, pop bumpers, everything you'd expect from a modern Stern Pinball machine.

Features cars from three race teams - the No. 2 Miller Lite Dodge driven by Rusty Wallace of Penske Racing South; the No. 29 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet driven by Kevin Harvick of Richard Childress Racing; and the No. 21 Motorcraft Ford driven by Ricky Rudd of Wood Brothers Racing.

Designed by Pat Lawlor who's other games include Earthshaker, Funhouse, Monopoly, No Good Gofers, Red & Ted's Road Show, RollerCoaster Tycoon, The Addams Family, Twilight Zone & Whirlwind. You can play all these pins at District 82!

Gameplay Crash Course

Spell "RACE" to light locks/multiball. If played well, this multiball can be quite lucrative.

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