Swords of Fury Pinball

You can play Swords of Fury Pinball Machine at District 82 in Green Bay, WI! This machine has awesome music and a very long sound track. Great pin for stealing locked balls from other players. This is the only public location in Wisconsin that has a Swords of Fury on location. LIONMAN!

Pinball Machine Features

This game has 4 flippers, 1 ramp, an upper playfield, and a 3 ball multi-ball.

The upper playfield has a 5 bank drop target that is timed so as you clear all 5 targets they pop back up slower and slower making it harder to complete the next set. If you shoot the ball behind the targets your ball comes out to an upper flipper. Balls are locked with the far left lane under the upper playfield. Ogres alley is a u shaped turn around straight up the middle and can be lucrative.

The jackpot shot is the roving light on the upper playfield while you have at least 2 balls on the playfield. I updated the ROM's on this machine so all jackpots are around 1,500,000 so it more fair for competitions. Magic tunnel on the right, when lit, will automatically complete avenger and you have about 8 seconds to hit the center ramp for LIONMAN bonus!

Gameplay Crash Course

The star in the return lanes light the lower U-Turn spinners to 3x. During multiball, it can be lucrative to hit the spinners repeatedly.

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