Alien Poker Pinball Machine

Play Alien Poker Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82 pinball arcade. This is an early Solid State Williams Machine from 1981.

Pinball Machine Features

This multiball game has some crazy fantasy alien gambling artwork. The 5 Bank Drop targets right in the middle of the playfield are the major targets for this game. You need to hit them in order to maximize the Royal Flush Value. You can also hit the 4 kings across the top of the playfield to multiply the royal flush value. There are other things to shoot for but the center drops with the top lane multipliers are you main shots. This particular machine is a beautiful example of this game.

Gameplay Crash Course

Multiply the Royal Flush value by completing Kings in the top lanes. Get the drops in order for 400k max. Shoot the blue target for bonus X.

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