Private Pinball Party Rentals -- 2 Options

Due to increased costs, starting August 1st 2022 we will be having a price increase of $5 per person. This will be our first price increase ever on private events

Option 1 minimum will be $500 for 20 people up to 2 hours.

Option 2 minimum will start at $800 for 20 people for up to 4 hours.

Private Pinball Party or Team Building Event. You can rent the entire District 82 Pinball Facility for your private function. You don't just get a side room you get the whole place. We have over 100 pinball machines click here for the current game list.

Option 1 - Drop in Play non-tournament event:

You get the whole place for 2 hours. Plus 1/2 hour before and after for set up/clean up. All the games are on free play and you just play what you want.


$400 up to 20 people

You can have less than 20 people but $400 is our minimum charge.

21st+ person are $20 each for 2 hours or see below for more time.

Plus Sales Tax

Want more time?

2 Hours total is $20 Per Person

3 Hours total is $25 Per Person

4 Hours total is $30 Per Person, Etc

Just call Erik for details (920) 621-9631

Option 2 - Organized Event with tournament:

This is an organized event that people will have something to do. This is also the best format for work team building events. They won't just be standing around talking to the same 3 people they knew before they came here. This event will mix everyone up into fun, small groups, they will be talking to everyone, and have something to talk about long after this event is over.

You get the whole place for 4 hours plus 1/2 hour before and after the event for set up and clean up.

A typical event is run like this. But we can customize it to fit your needs.

First 1-1:30 hour is people showing up, checking in, eating, drinking, playing the games casually.

Then 1:30-3:30 hours is used for the tournament.

Finally 3:30-4:00 hours are the good byes and casual play as every one leaves.


This event is priced on 4 hours. Additional hour(s) are available just add $5 per person per hour.

0-20 people         $700

21st + Person       $35 per person

Plus Sales Tax


District 82 Pinball was built to host tournaments! This is what everyone comes here for. That is what we will do with your private party. This is a low stress tournament. Everyone plays the whole time, no one is eliminated, and we only play in groups of 4 on individual machines so its not one person against the whole group. We also have over 100 pinball machines so you won't play the same game twice and everyone will be playing at the same time on different machines. The computer also handicaps the individual players after every round so everyone is always playing against people of similar skill as the tournament progresses. I can answer more questions about the tournament just call.

Food and Drinks:

We do not sell food or drinks. You can bring in your own food and drinks for your party. Just clean up after your party is complete. You can also get the food catered. I suggest Biebels Catering (920) 468-6828

Tables and Chairs:

We have plenty of tables and place for people to sit. We don't have enough room for you to have a sit down meal for 50 people. This is more of a cocktail table setting but we do have some standard tables and chairs to sit and eat.


We have a Capacity of 95 People

Pinball Machines:

We have over 100 pinball machines. This is the most pinball machines in one location in Wisconsin. All the machines are of tournament quality.


Everything is subject to availability. The longer in advance you can reserve your time the better. To make a reservation for your event call Erik @ (920) 621-9631

As I get more and more games the configuration changes. Here's pics from June 2021.



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