New to Pinball?

District 82 pinball is not your typical location!

Most places you find pinball machines are bars, laundry mats, amusement parks, etc. The pinball machine is the accessory item that is their to fill some space, take your quarters, and the owner of that machine really doesn’t care about the quality of game play. All machines at District 82 pinball are fully working, tournament quality, and amazing.

How do I play?

District 82 Pinball is open to the public but only on certain dates for League, Tournaments, or Special Events. You must be registered to play at any given event. To register for any event simply email Erik at [email protected] and say you want to play in the upcoming event.

Open for Drop in Play on Friday's 5PM-10PM

We just started Flippin' Fridays which is open play from 5PM-10PM on Friday nights. $25 (+tax) gets you unlimited game play on those nights. You do not register for this just come on over. This is not an organized tournament or event. Just play what you want. All ages welcome. 5 and under are free with adult.

How much does it cost?

All events are priced slightly different. Typically it’s about $25-$40 for a day as a flat fee. All machines are on free play. Bottled water is in the fridge and is included in the flat fee so help yourself.

I’m not good and scared about playing in a tournament!

This is a normal feeling! Don’t worry and have fun! Pinball is a great hobby and the people that play regularly are very friendly and supportive of new people trying it out. You are not playing by yourself with 50 people watching like a typical tournament from another sport that you see on TV. The computer software breaks you up in groups of 4 people per machine with typically the same ability as the tournament progresses. You will have fun and you will probably win some matches too!

Why are you not open everyday?

Pinball machines break....a lot. I opened this place so people can have a unique pinball experience on high quality machines and the only way I can do that is to be open a few days a month. That gives me enough time to check over all the machines in between the events so they are 100% ready for the next one.

I’m ready to play, now what?

Check the calendar of events and see which one you want to play in. If its a "Drop in Play" day then just come on down when we are open. Everything else (Tournament or League) you need to register in advance. There is usually a blue 'REGISTER' button the page for the event you are interested in. Click it and put in your name and email or send Erik an email at [email protected] and say you want to play. That’s it. Then I’ll see you at the next event!