Attack From Mars Pinball

Play Attack From Mars Pinball in Green Bay, WI at District 82. This is the Special Edition Version from Chicago Gaming Company of the 1995 Bally Classic.

Pinball Machine Features

The most notable feature is the giant color display. All the graphics redone and sharper than the original to enhance the game playing experience. It also has a shaker motor, LEDs from the factory, large Martian saucer has RGB LEDs, enhanced speakers with RGB LEDs in the speakers.

3 bank moving target bank in the center of the playfield. Hit it to lower that bank and smash the targets behind it. Enough hits lowers the drop target in that area to expose a hole. Hit the ball into that hole to destroy the flying saucer. Do that a number of times and Attack Mars!

Super skill shot is holding the left flipper while launching the ball. Then you have to hit any major shot within a few seconds to score 50,000,000 and competes that lane or start UFO attack. Game has a number of other features including multi-ball, 4 dancing Martians on top of targets, 2 ramps, video mode, and a very fun theme to keep you playing!

Gameplay Crash Course

During video mode, the launch button works as a smart bomb once. Hit it to destroy all saucers on screen.

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