Barracora Pinball Machine

Play Barracora Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82. This is an early Solid State Williams Machine from 1981.

Pinball Machine Features

This pin features a 3 bank and a 5 bank drop target set that plays into the multi-ball. You need to hit a whole bank down in order to light a ball lock. Each set of drop targets correlate with a different kick out hole to lock a balls. Once you lock a ball you can get a 2 ball multi-ball or go for a 3 ball multi-ball. No ball save on this era of machine but if you lock the ball and drain out it will kick the locked ball back into play which is effectively a ball save. Also, a horseshoe lane which can build a lot of points. I put a few spotlights on this machine to really brighten it up and the backglass looks amazing!

Very interesting and innovative rule set for its time and still today. Lots of ball bonus so don't tilt or its all gone!

This game was designed by Roger Sharpe, Steve Epstein and Barry Oursler.

Gameplay Crash Course

Left drop targets in order AND right drop targets in order light two locks for three-ball multiball.

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