Cactus Jack's Pinball

Play Cactus Jacks Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is one of the few Gottlieb Solid State Pinball Machines we have here. It's here mostly for one feature...the Dancing Cacti. I mean what other theme could you possibly come up with than polka playing dancing cacti? Brilliant and hilarious.

Pinball Machine Features

This machine features a very simple layout with 2 flippers, 2 separate 4 bank drop targets, 2 ramps and a vertical up kicker. Has a 2 ball multi-ball with jackpots of throwing eggs or fruit. This game is all about the polka music and the dancing cacti. I know we are all about getting the high score on machines but don't worry about the rules on this one. Just put a smile on your face and start flippin'.

Gameplay Crash Course

Shooting the left ramp repeatedly will eventually start paying out Millions similar to a chicken-overture game...

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