Cyclone Pinball Machine

Play Cyclone Pinball Machine at District 82 in Green Bay, WI! This is a very fun carnival themed pinball machine which is the 2nd in a trilogy (Comet, Cyclone, Hurricane) of this theme. Make sure you spot Ronald and Nancy on the backglass!

Pinball Machine Features

Cyclone has 2 flippers with 2 ramps. Center ramp will score up to 1 million points if you keep hitting it. The right ramp will give you a Jackpot. You need to continuously hit these ramps as the value is a hurry up style and will go back down if you miss.  Rotating Ferris wheel and a raised skill shot channel to give you up to 100K times the number of the ball you are on. Drop target guards the center scoop that awards you points based on the result of the rotating wheel in the backbox.

Barry Oursler designed this machine and many others including Barracora, Bram Stokers Dracula, Comet, Doctor Who, Fire!, Hurricane, JackBot, Jungle Lord, PinBot, Police Force, Who Dunnit and many others.

Gameplay Crash Course

Jackpot is not doubled when in Double Scoring mode. Million ramp shot is doubled.

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