Deadpool Pinball Machine

Play Deadpool Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Fun game totally in keeping with the theme. Play it now!

Pinball Machine Features

This is a color LCD screen game from Stern. Lots of rules to learn with many multi-balls and a few modes. 2 flippers, lots of stand up targets, 2 spinners, 3 bank drop down targets that can capture the ball behind them to start Little Deadpool. Balls get locked on raised sword on the right similar to Lord of the Rings.

Completing the B-O-O-M letters on the lower in and outlanes will light the button on the lockdown bar and be yellow. Pressing the button when yellow awards the highest yellow shot on the playfield. Passing and getting 4 completions of B-O-O-M will light the button red. Pressing when red awards all shots.

This is the Pro version of Deadpool so it has black trim and a translite instead of a backglass.

Designed by George Gomez who brought us games like Batman 66, Johnny Mnemonic, Monster Bash, Lord of the Rings, Sopranos, Transformers and many more!


Gameplay Crash Course

If you have battle lit on Deadpool, start battle before locking little Deadpool. Locking little Deadpool will disqualify battle.

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