Demolition Man Pinball

Play Demolition Man Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This specific machine is one of the few prototypes that were built. The biggest difference is the handles are different than the production model. Still has all the same game features and I installed a color DMD as well.

Pinball Machine Features

This is a widebody pinball machine that has raised handles above the playfield that you can use for your flippers, ball launch and secret jackpots. Game has a Cryo Claw that is used to select one of the modes to play. I have disabled that feature on this game so you have to play all the modes instead of picking multi-ball all the time.  It does have 5 different multi-ball modes in this game. Lots of ramps and combo shots are big on this game too.

Dennis Nordman designed this machine as well as Dr Dude, Elvira and the Party Monsters, Elvira House of Horrors, Stern Pirates of the Caribbean, Indianapolis 500, Wheel of Fortune, Whitewater and many others!

Gameplay Crash Course

Hit center scoop with the upper flipper, left ramp with the right flipper, and then the right ramp. This starts multiball in three shots

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