Dolly Parton Pinball

Play Dolly Parton Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! I couldn't help myself and put pink LED's in this game and it looks awesome!

Pinball Machine Features

This is a classic Bally pinball machine that you can use to learn to play better pinball. Very simple design and rules. Hit the 5 stand up targets in the top left to spell D-O-L-L-Y. Hit the kickout hole on top and the inline drop targets to spell P-A-R-T-O-N. 1st Inline drop target lights the spinner for 1,000 per spin, 2nd-4th inline drops light you end of ball bonus multiplier for 2X, 3X and 5X bonus. Once you knock them all down you can hit the stand up target in the back of the bank for special. The bonus is how many of the D-O-L-L-Y P-A-R-T-O-N targets you have collected, 2,000 points each. Once you complete all the targets you can hit them all a 2nd time.

That's basically all the rules. Now go out there, practice, and Play More Pinball!

Gameplay Crash Course

Focus on collecting letters to maximize your bonus before focusing on drop targets to multiple bonus. Letters carry over ball to ball.

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