Eight Ball Champ Pinball

Play Eight Ball Champ Pinball in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Hard to find game on location and this one is beautiful! Full LEDs and new flipper mechs make this an excellent example of a really good early solid state pinball machine.

Pinball Machine Features

This game is very straight forward with the rules. Object is to complete racks of balls and the final shot is the eight ball. So after you knock down 7 different balls (5 shots with 2 shots repeated) you send the ball up the left orbit and it wraps into the upper right kickout hole. This is also a multiplier shot. Another multiplier shot is spelling C-H-A-M-P with the 3 lanes up top H-A-M along with the C and P in the right and left inlanes. Lots of end of ball bonus on this game and you don't get a tilt warning so be careful!

Gameplay Crash Course

Left orbit can be huge scoring. 100K orbit max, 100K saucer max, at 3X playfield that's 600K per shot!

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