Flipper Pool Pinball

Play Flipper Pool Pinball in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Only 700 units made. This game has backbox animation with pool balls that appear in the rack as you hit each lit target. Extra Balls earned when you get to 14 and 15 balls, then the bank resets and you do it all again. Easy to understand but hard to do. Also, one of the last games with a manual ball loader.

Pinball Machine Features

Very easy to understand the rules on this one. Just hit all the lit targets/balls! As you hit the targets the balls appear in the 'rack' in the backbox letting you know you collected that shot. They also light up in the back box glass. You earn an extra ball when you get to 14 and 15 balls collected then it starts over again. Pretty hard to complete one rack on 5 balls. You only have 2" flippers which make control difficult.

Gameplay Crash Course

No Tips are listed on the site. Just hit the lit shots. Both lit and unlit shots are worth 50 points. Extra balls are earned at 14 and 15 balls hit at District 82.


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