Game of Thrones Pinball

Play Game of Thrones Pinball in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is the Limited Edition version with the extra upper playfield. Lots of action in a very well put together pinball machine!

Pinball Machine Features

This is what you call a packed machine. 4 flippers, 11 standup targets, drop targets, electric gates, diverter, battering ram target, dragon on the upper playfield, mirrored backglass, throne chair to hold the ball, RGB lighted inserts, and an armor package that is fitting for the game.

This game receives some criticism for being to hard. I say learn the rules and play better. This is a fantastic game that is fully integrated with the theme of the show.

Steve Ritchie designed this game and many others including AC/DC, Black Knight (all of them), F-14 Tomcat, Firepower, High Speed, No Fear, Rollergames, Spider-Man, Stern Star Trek, Star Trek the Next Generation, Stern Star Wars, Terminator 2, Terminator 3, The Getaway and World Poker Tour. Most of these games you can play at District 82!

Gameplay Crash Course

Playing as Greyjoy will make completing modes more difficult - especially Stark. On the flipside, they can be more lucrative.

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