Hotdoggin' Pinball Machine

Play Hotdoggin' Pinball Machine in Green Bay, Wisconsin at District 82!

Pinball Machine Features

Classic wide body Bally pinball machine made in 1980. Skiing themed. Has lots of drop targets and a disappearing kicker in the upper right outlane. This game is all about knocking down drop targets to spell HOTDOGGIN and then hit the multipliers in the upper left of the playfield. The HOTDOGGIN letters carry from ball to ball but the multipliers do not. The disappearing kicker in the upper right lane activates when you hit the middle inlane at top of the playfield. If you then hit your ball into the lane the kicker will hold your ball while it gives you an end of ball bonus and then kicks your ball back into play. Careful on the 3 left inlanes. It looks safe but the left outlane is a drain monster.

Gameplay Crash Course

The center toplane ("K" in the word "SKI") raises a kicker and lights bonus collect in the side lane on the right.

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