Indiana Jones Pinball Machine

Play Indiana Jones Pinball Machine in Green Bay, Wisconsin at District 82!

Pinball Machine Features

This is a restored Indiana Jones The Pinball Adventure Machine. It is an awesome game! Widebody made by Williams in 1993. Features all kids of stuff but an upper playfield that tilts left and right that the flippers control. Also has 2 ramps and a locking idol head along the right side. Play one game of this and it feels like you are in the movie. Has four multi-ball modes. 2 Ball, 3 Ball and two 6 Ball multiballs. Has lots of modes including 4 video modes. Don't tilt this game. All your mode points are added up and awarded at end of ball bonus. So if you tilt, no points for you! Designed by Mark Richie and Doug Watson. You really just need to come down and play it!

Gameplay Crash Course

Saucer on the left starts modes. Mode points are awarded as bonus so don't tilt!

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