Johnny Mnemonic Pinball

Play Johnny Mnemonic Pinball Machine in Green Bay, Wisconsin at District 82!

Pinball Machine Features

Sleeper game from Williams made in 1995. If you ever get the chance to see the movie, don't, it's terrible. But the pinball machine is awesome! Features a giant glove that grabs your ball and you move it to a tic tac toe board to receive your reward and also to lock a ball for multi-ball. Lock 3 on the grid to start multiball and your jackpots are the shots that correspond to the grid placements of your locked balls. 3 different multi-ball modes with a 2 ball, 3 ball and 4 ball wizard multi-ball. Spinner Millions and Yakuza Strike are very valuable too. Check it out!

Gameplay Crash Course

Spinner million points are awarded in bonus, so Hold Bonus and Award Bonus can be very valuable awards if Spinner Millions is reached.

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