Judge Dredd Pinball Machine

Play Judge Dredd pinball machine in Green Bay, Wisconsin at District 82 Pinball Arcade!

Pinball Machine Features

This widebody game was made by Bally in 1993 as part of there SuperPin  series of machines. Mode based game with a rotating planet, ring and magnetic crane that picks the ball up and drops it into the planet ring. Has a 6 ball multi-ball. Also it has a regular game and a super game for start buttons. The super game starts you in a 2 ball multi-ball and if you hit all the JUDGE targets down while still in 2 ball then you get a 6 ball multiball and go for jackpots. I think this is a great game and this one at District 82 plays pretty tough.

Gameplay Crash Course

Completing JUDGE to light locks at left ramp. Hole behind D safely spots letters. During multiball. left ramp lights jackpot behind D.

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