Jungle Lord Pinball Machine

Play Jungle Lord Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82. Classic early Solid State Williams Machine from 1981.

Pinball Machine Features

The game features 4 flippers on a split-level playfield. Drop targets on the upper playfield start with 1 up, then 2 up, 3 up, etc until you get all 5 up and knocked down. Then an individual one will come up for you to hit each time.

The lower playfield has 2 separate 3 bank drop targets that add to your magnasave time on both the left and right out lanes.

The magna save is a feature that uses 2 extra buttons next to flipper buttons to try and magnetically save the ball from an out lane drain.

Mini-bagatelle playfield incorporated into the upper playfield. This is where you spell LORD to light ball locks.

Highly under rated game in my opinion. Great game to learn and practice on for new players.

Gameplay Crash Course

Completing lower playfield drops banks lights magna saves (use auxiliary flipper buttons). "Pulse" style magna saves.

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