Kiss Pinball Machine

Play Bally KISS Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! This is actually a hard game to find on location due to its age and popularity. It is definitely one you fine in a collectors home. They do have a much newer Kiss Pinball Machine made by Stern that plays a lot of great music but if you're looking for the original Kiss pinball machine you just found it!

Pinball Machine Features

This is a pretty straight forward game. You are trying to spell K-I-S-S 4 times to light the 40K bonus then another 4 times to light the 80K bonus. You do this by hitting the 4 stand ups or the top lanes or the left 4 back drop target bank. You increase the multiplier with the right drop target bank.

Gameplay Crash Course

The center top lane can give points, complete a KISS, and will light spinners and open the gate. Plunging it is huge.

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