Mata Hari Pinball Machine

Play Mata Hari Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82 pinball arcade. This is an early Solid State Bally Pinball Machine from 1978.

Pinball Machine Features

This single ball game has a very simple set of rules but is still very challenging to put up a high score on. You have basically 3 ways to score points. Go for the Saucer up top and increase you multiplier and outlane bonus. Hit the A/B Orbits or Top Lanes enough to lite special then collect. Hit the 8 drop targets down enough to lite special then collect. Or a combination of the 3.

Gameplay Crash Course

If it doesn't return STDM, saucer all day. Note you likely need to lob your shot to land in the hole gently, otherwise you'll miss.

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