Road Show Pinball Machine

Play Road Show Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Williams made this game in 1994 as part of the superpin series. A follow up to the classic funhouse. This time they have 2 talking heads!

Pinball Machine Features

This game is massive and they packed a lot of features into it! 4 Flippers, Ramps, Pop Bumpers, Shaker Motor, Multi-balls, 2 Manual Plungers, 2 Talking Heads that can both swallow the ball (not fun to work on). Eddy sensors to detect switch hits under the playfield. Country songs and much, much more. Another winner from designer Pat Lawlor. He has given us hits such as Earthshaker, Funhouse, Monopoly, No Good Gophers, Twilight Zone, Addams Family, and many others. You can play all these games at District 82!

Gameplay Crash Course

Don't skill shot on the first plunge—hit a yellow standup (or yellow bumper) to switch the city to Miami (NYC is a risky & low scoring mode)

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