Seawitch Pinball Machine

Play Seawitch Pinball Machine in Green Bay, WI at District 82! Hard to find this one on location but since Stern Re-made it as the Beatles you can find this layout at lots of locations. Hit the drop targets and you will score just fine on this early solid state original theme from Stern!

Pinball Machine Features

  • 4 Flippers
  • (2) 4 bank drop targets and (1) 3 bank drop targets
  • (4) stand up targets
  • (1) Star rollover right at the top middle
  • (1) Spinner

The rules are very straight forward. Hit the drop targets especially when that bank is lit and you will score lots of points. This game is currently being re-made in Australia so you may see some reproduction games on location in the future!

Gameplay Crash Course

Bonus X carries unless you get it to 7x so if on ball 1 or 2, stop at 6x

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Seawitch Pinball Links

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