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2019 District 82 Pinball Championship

February 8, 2020 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm

Green Bay pinball tournament. IFPA approved.

Tournament Details:

You must ‘Qualify’ for this tournament in order to play in it.

You qualify for this tournament by playing at District 82 Pinball events in 2019. Your best 10 finishes at District 82 (highest earned WPPR points from IFPA) will be combined to give you a score. The top 64 players who want to and can attend will be eligible to play.

Here is the link to all of the players who have played at District 82 Pinball in 2019 in IFPA events and their top 10 ranking at District 82 Pinball.

District 82 Top Ten Finishes List

Format will be similar to IFPA state championship just with 64 players instead of 24 players

Tournament Date: Saturday Feb 8th, 2020

Head to Head Single Elimination Format

Tournament will be for IFPA points

Trophies and Cash prizes for top 4 ($200, $100, $75, $50)

If you are eliminated in the 1st round you will be included in the B division championship. It is the exact same format, it’s just that we reset everything with the 32 players that were eliminated in the first round. All players in both main championship and B division who are defeated after this point are eliminated.

Trophies for top 4 in B division and Cash Prizes ($100, $60, $40, $20)

Titletown Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd Suite E
De Pere, WI 54115


Saturday Feb 9th

Tournament Starts at 9:30AM

Practice Starts at 8:30AM

Please arrive by 9:15AM to check in

If you have not checked in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you will be removed from tournament.


Limited to 64 people

Cost is $40 per person. Pay at the door or ahead of time with pay pal.

Their is a button on the website that says “register” if their are still spots remaining. Please use it or if you are having trouble you can send an email to [email protected] saying you want to register and I can manually put you in.

Fee includes:

All machines are on FreePlay so no additional costs

Food & Snacks will be included for lunch

Bottled water and soda (if you want something specific to drink or eat you can bring it)

Main Championship with have Trophies for top 4 and Cash prizes for Top 4 ($200, $100, $75, $50)

B Division will also have Trophies and Cash Prizes for Top 4 ($100, $60, $40, $20)


District 82 Pinball Championship Format:

Big Picture:

We are taking the Top 64 players and matching them up Head to Head against other players in best of 7 game match ups. Then eliminate everyone until 1 person remains.

If we have less than 64 players than the top seeded players will get bye in round 1. Example only 60 people show up; players seed 1,2,3, and 4 will get first round bye into the second round.

We have a 2nd chance tournament (B division) that will include everyone who is eliminated from the 1st tournament in the 1st round only. I will start a brand new tournament, just for them, that will be for 32 players and run the tournament the exact same way. After this any players that are defeated in their match ups will be eliminated from their tournaments.

Fine Details:

  1. Seeding of finalists

Once all participants are finalized, the 64 players will be seeded based on their 2019 District 82 Pinball ranking position at the end of the calendar year. In the event that any players are tied with the same amount District 82 Pinball points, we will look at the overall WPPR rank of those players as of the end of that calendar year.

  1. Machines Chosen

All games at District 82 Pinball will be eligible for play. You can check the current game list here. https://district82.com/game-list/

  1. Head-to-Head Single Elimination Format

Players will be placed in a single elimination bracket once the seeding has been completed.

First round pairings are as follows:

1 vs. 64, 2 vs. 63, 3 vs. 62, 4 vs. 61, 5 vs. 60, 6 vs. 59, 7 vs. 58, 8 vs. 57, 9 vs. 56, 10 vs. 55, 11 vs. 54, 12 vs. 53, 13 vs. 52, 14 vs. 51, 15 vs. 50, 16 vs. 49, 17 vs. 48, 18 vs. 47, 19 vs. 46, 20 vs. 45, 21 vs. 44, 22 vs. 43, 23 vs. 42, 24 vs. 41, 25 vs. 40, 26 vs. 39, 27 vs. 38, 28 vs. 37, 29 vs. 36, 30 vs. 35, 31 vs. 34, and 32 vs. 33.

Second round pairings are as follows:

1/64 winner vs. 32/33 winner, 2/63 winner vs. 31/34 winner, 3/62 winner vs. 30/35 winner, 4/61 winner vs. 29/36 winner,  5/60 winner vs. 28/37 winner, 6/59 winner vs 27/38 winner, 7/58 winner vs. 26/39 winner, 8/57 winner vs. 25/40 winner, 9/56 winner vs. 24/41 winner, 10/55 winner vs 23/42 winner, 11/54 winner vs 22/43 winner, 12/53 winner vs 21/44 winner, 13/52 winner vs. 20/45 winner, 14/51 winner vs 19/46 winner, 15/50 winner vs 18/47 winner, 16/49 winner vs 17/48 winner

Third round pairings are as follows:

1/64/32/33 winner vs. 16/49/17/48 winner, 2/63/31/34 winner vs. 15/50/18/47 winner, 3/62/30/35 winner vs 14/51/19/46 winner, 4/61/29/36 winner vs. 13/52/20/45 winner, 5/60/28/37 winner vs. 12/53/21/44 winner, 6/59/27/38 winner vs. 11/54/22/43 winner, 7/58/26/39 winner vs 10/55/23/42 winner, 8/57/25/40 winner vs 9/56/24/41 winner.

Fourth round pairing are as follows:

1/64/32/33/16/49/17/48 winner vs 8/57/25/40/9/56/24/41 winner, 2/63/31/34/15/50/18/47 winner vs 7/58/26/39/10/55/23/42 winner, 3/62/30/35/14/51/19/46 winner vs 6/59/27/38/11/54/22/43 winner, 4/61/29/36/13/52/20/45 winner vs. 5/60/28/37/12/53/21/44 winner

Fifth Round Pairings are as follows:

Two winners of round 4 play for the Series Championship
Two losers of round 4 player in the Consolation Final for 3rd/4th place.

Each match will be a best-of-seven. The higher seeded player will have choice of machine or position for the 1st game, with the loser of each subsequent game having choice of machine or order, until someone has won 4 games. A machine may not be played more than once in the same match. Once a player verbally announces their game choice, or chooses position, that decision will be locked in and cannot be changed.

Each player will have the opportunity for 30 seconds of practice time before starting every game of every match. This is to ensure that both players have a chance to get familiar with the machine.

The winner of the match advances to the next round, while the loser is eliminated.

The 3rd/4th place Consolation Final will be played as a best-of-three instead of a best-of-seven like all other rounds, using the same rules.

District 82 Pinball Championship B Division Format:

The 1st round will be all the people that were eliminated from the Main Championship in the 1st round.

We will seed them 1 through 32 using their original seeding from 2019 District 82 Series in relation to all the players who start the B division championship. For example if 3rd seed from the championship loses to 62 seed then the 3rd seed will in the B Division Championship. If the 1st and 2nd seed both make it through the 1st round in the main championship then this 3rd seeded person is the new high seed for the B division Championship.

1 vs 32, 2 vs 31, 3 vs 30, 4 vs 29, 5 vs 28, 6 vs 27, 7 vs 26, 8 vs 25, 9 vs 24, 10 vs 23, 11 vs 22, 12 vs 21, 13 vs 20, 14 vs 19, 15 vs 18, 16 vs 17

2nd Round Pairings:

1/32 winner vs. 16/17 winner, 2/31 winner vs. 15/18 winner, 3/30 winner vs 14/19 winner, 4/29 winner vs. 13/20 winner, 5/28 winner vs. 12/21 winner, 6/27 winner vs. 11/22 winner, 7/26 winner vs 10/23 winner, 8/25 winner vs 9/24 winner.

3rd round pairing are as follows:

1/32/16/17 winner vs 8/25/9/24 winner, 2/31/15/18 winner vs 7/26/10/23 winner, 3/30/14/19 winner vs 6/27/11/22 winner, 4/29/13/30 winner vs. 5/28/12/21 winner

4th Round Pairings are as follows:

2 Winners from Round 3 play each other for the B Division Championship

2 Losers from Round 3 Play each other for 3rd/4th place



Erik Thoren
(920) 621-9631


District 82 Pinball Arcade
800 Okeefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
+ Google Map
(920) 621-9631
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