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District 82 Pinball Winter 2X Tournaments

February 8 @ 9:30 am - 10:30 pm

Winter 2X Pinball Tournament Winners Green Bay, WI.

Match Play Results:

1Luke Nahorniak73
2Chris Frame69
3Carlos Delaserda68
4Brandon Phillippi67
5Tim Enders67
6Jordan Semrow67
7David Daluga65
8Eric Strangeway65
9Russ Schilling65
10Tom Graf65
11Bryon Schmitz63
 Mark Ten Haken63
13Patrick VanDenEng62
14Chris Hayre61
 Don Mitchell61
 Chuck Blohm61
 Chris Matte61
18Andrew Kasten59
 Max Senesac59
 Jesse Powell59
 Erik Rentmeester59
 Rick Milanowski59
23Maxx Berkowski57
 Ryan Spindler57
 Ryan Nerini57
 Rebecca Mallmann57
 Peter Goeben57
 Billy Vandeneng57
 Sean Sonnen57
30Brian Pierce56
 Devin Guerra56
32Tim Bodway55
 Tara Henjum55
 Rick Petit55
 Jim Radovich55
 James Diederich55
 Vinnie Bologna55
 Vincent Paul55
 Erik Thoren55
 Jesse Carpenter55
 Susan Staed55
42Dan Fell54
43Tom Menge53
 Vaelle Voise53
 David Moe53
 Kat Mason53
 Amy Kesting53
 Kris Koehler53
49Joe DeCleene52
50Matt McCarty51
 Michael Reiman51
 Joey Schroeder51
 Wilson Rohrer51
 Kelly Corcoran51
 Becky Meyer51
 Joe Staed51
 Chris Challenger51
58Stephanie Staed50
 Kel McBrair50
60Kayli Bodway49
 Kelly Calenberg49
 Brian Leuthner49
 Tony Midtling49
 Kassidy Milanowski49
 Nate Oines49
 Mike Schlumpf49
 Terry Weber49
68Christopher Seliski48
69Neil Graf47
 Scott Chapko47
 Ron Bates47
 Mark Bjorkquist47
 Darrell Van Landuyt47
74Jenny Berkowski46
 Andy Van Schyndle46
 Ian Carpenter46
77Jack Cooke45
 Greg Pitner45
 Steve Tully45
 Kevin E Cucci45
81Josh Schnepf44
82Beth Trofka43
 Mike McCotter43
 Miriam Hernandez43
 Tony Trofka43
86Megan Bodway42
 Brock Mallmann42
88David Ahrens41
 Rachel Lilge41
90Richard Cassady40
91Katrina Keys38
 Mike Largent38
93Holden Milanowski37
 Jason Clancy37
95Matti Martin34
96Nicole Martins32
97Ryan Sotos29
98Jimmy Leingang21

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Knockout Results:

1David Daluga
2Eric Strangeway
3Ryan Spindler
4Erik Rentmeester
5Brock Mallmann
6Patrick VanDenEng
7Chris Frame
8Neil Graf
9Carlos Delaserda
10Russ Schilling
11Vincent Paul
12Erik Thoren
13Brandon Phillippi
 Mark Bjorkquist
 Terry Weber
 Jordan Semrow
 Jesse Carpenter
 Chris Matte
19Andrew Kasten
 Andy Van Schyndle
 Mike Schlumpf
 Max Senesac
 Amy Kesting
 Luke Nahorniak
 Brian Leuthner
26Dan Fell
 Tony Midtling
 Nate Oines
 Jim Radovich
 Mike Largent
 Matt McCarty
 Darrell Van Landuyt
33Tim Bodway
 Jason Clancy
 Jenny Berkowski
 Ryan Nerini
 David Moe
 Jimmy Leingang
 Don Mitchell
 David Ahrens
 Kayli Bodway
 Rick Petit
 Stephanie Staed
 Kassidy Milanowski
 Curt Eastman
 Scott Chapko
47Holden Milanowski
 Chris Hayre
 Peter Goeben
 Chuck Blohm
 Susan Staed
 Devin Guerra
 Mike McCotter
 Christopher Seliski
 James Diederich
 Katrina Keys
 Bryon Schmitz
 Tom Menge
 Chris Challenger
 Vinnie Bologna
61Mark Ten Haken
 Dennis Kendall
 Joey Schroeder
 Kel McBrair
 Rick Milanowski
 Sean Sonnen
 Ryan Sotos
 Rachel Lilge
 Tom Graf
 Richard Cassady
71Wilson Rohrer
 Megan Bodway
 Rebecca Mallmann
 Ron Bates
 Greg Pitner
 Becky Meyer
 Joe Staed
 Kelly Calenberg
 Tony Trofka
 Ian Carpenter
 Maxx Berkowski
 Tara Henjum
83Beth Trofka
 Nicole Martins
 Steve Tully
 Kat Mason
 Joe DeCleene


Tournament Details:

Tournament Date: Saturday February 8th, 2020


13 Round Match Play Tournament Followed by a 4 Strike Knockout Tournament

All 70+ Pinball Machines will be in this tournament. Click here for current game list.

Both Tournaments total cost is $40 per player

You can play in only 1 of the 2 tournaments for $25

Pay for the tournament when you arrive

Both Tournaments will be 100% TGP for IFPA points


Titletown Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115


Saturday February 8th, 2020

Match Play Tournament Starts at 9:30AM

Knockout Tournament Starts at the conclusion of Match Play Tournament about 4:00PM

Practice Starts at 8:30AM

Please arrive by 9:15AM to check in

If you are just playing in the 2nd tournament please arrive by 3PM to check in and practice.

If you have not check in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you will be removed from tournament.


Limited to 95 people

Click the blue Register Button or Send email to [email protected] saying you want to register. This will automatically register you for both tournaments. You pay when you arrive.

$40 fee includes both tournaments or $25 for either tournament individually–if you only want to be in 1 or the 2 tournaments, still register on the website but then just send me a separate email stating which one you want to play in.

$40 Fee includes: Both Tournaments

All machines are on FreePlay so no additional costs

Food for lunch and dinner too.

Bottled water and soda (if you want something specific to drink or eat you can bring it)

Trophies for top 8 each tournament

Cash Prizes for top 3 ($100, $50, $25) each tournament


Tournament is IFPA approved

Titletown Pinball Winter 2x Match Play Format:

The Format will consist of 13 Rounds of Play in groups of 4 players (3 players if necessary).

One game will be played per round per group.

Scoring will be 7-5-3-1/7-4-1

First round will be random seeding.

Subsequent rounds will be seeded using a Tiered Swiss Seeding. Players are grouped into tiers that narrow as the tournament progresses. Later rounds will seed players with the most points accumulated playing each other.

Since the tournament is direct play, there is no playoff. The winner is the player with the most points after all 13 rounds have been completed.

All games will be drawn randomly (but will alternate between DMD and non-DMD games) and should balance out so you’re not playing the same machine over and over again.

Should there be a tie for first place, another game shall be played as a tiebreaker. No other ties will be broken unless its for a trophy or prize but the results to IFPA will be a tie.

Top 8 Trophies/Top 3 cash prizes ($100, $50, $25)

District 82 Pinball Winter 2x Knockout Tournament:

The Knockout tournament will start after the conclusion and awards are given for the Match Play Tournament. I would estimate 4PM start time.

The Titletown Knockout Tournament is a 4 Strike Tournament played in groups of 4 (3 when necessary).

Random Seeding to start. Swiss Style. Games drawn randomly.

Groups of 4 will play against each other on a single machine

The 2 players with the lowest scores in a group will receive a strike (3rd, 4th Place in the match)

3 player matches (as needed) lowest score (3rd Place) will receive a strike.

Once a player has 4 strikes they are out of this tournament

The tournament continues until there is one player remaining. Only ties for trophies will be broken with another game played. All results to IFPA will be as if they tied.

Top 8 trophies, Top 3 cash prizes ($100, $50, $25)

GAMES DRAWN UPDATE: Starting at 11:00PM all new rounds drawn will be on the older mostly non-DMD pins at District 82. This is the B group at District 82.

Private Parties at District 82 Pinball

Have District 82 Pinball host your Private Event, Team Building Event, or Birthday Party! We have 2 different options. You get the the whole place to yourselves not just a side room.

Click here for more details on private events


Erik Thoren
(920) 621.9631


District 82 Pinball
800 O Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
+ Google Map
(920) 621-9631