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February Pinball League 2/18/2020

February 18 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Feb District 82 Pinball League Winners Green Bay, WI

February Pinball League Final Results

1Jordan Semrow433578
2Eric Strangeway373976
3Chuck Blohm373774
4Wilson Rohrer314374
5Tim Enders373572
6Susan Staed393170
6Kassidy Milanowski393170
6Michael Reiman353570
6Erik Thoren353570
6Jesse Carpenter333770
11Joe Staed392968
11Tom Graf293968
11Neil Graf313768
14Josh Schnepf303767
14Erik Rentmeester333467
16Peter Goeben333164
16Nate Oines333164
16James Diederich293564
16Andrew Kasten313364
16Josh Grutza333164
21Don Mitchell303363
22Rhonda Beno332962
22Andy Van Schyndle332962
24Bret Paluch313061
25Mark Ten Haken312960
25Becky Meyer293160
25Lee Dietzen312960
25Kevin E Cucci352560
25Brian Leuthner293160
30Matt McCarty253358
30Tara Henjum332558
30Vaelle Voise273158
30Patrick VanDenEng352358
30Tim Bodway312758
30Joe Lytie253358
36Joe DeCleene253156
36Wes Flegel272956
36Steve Beno272956
36Curt Eastman332356
40Katrina Keys282755
41Greg Pitner292554
41Michael Joyce272754
41Mike Schlumpf272754
41Tim Petitjean252954
45Chris Challenger233053
46Bob Brisk292352
46Owen Monfils252752
46Matt Peters232952
46Jeff Batzer312152
46David Beck252752
51Jeff Kowalchuk222951
52Lucas Flegel252550
52Holden Milanowski252550
52Josh Rybak292150
52Megan Bodway272350
56Dan Dassow272249
57Sev Guzzonato262147
58Rachel Lilge232346
59Steve Fabry242145
59Bryan Semrow182745
59Beth Trofka212445
62Mike McCotter232144
62Billy Vandeneng212344
64Aidan Lytie251843
65Rob Noe212142
65Corey McElroy231942
67Kayli Bodway221941
67Nicole Jandrain162541
69Tony Trofka162339
70Erikka Voelz191938
70Chris Gerwing132538
72Brian Pierce3131
72Nicole Martins201131
74Chris Hayre2929
75Brian Klinger2727
76Scott Bowman2323
77Emmett Guillermo2121
78Kat Mason10212

Click Here to see pictures from this event.

Xenon Side Tournament Results

1Tom Graf
2Curt Eastman
3Tim Enders
4Tim Petitjean
5Andrew Kasten
6Rachel Lilge
6David Beck
6Chuck Blohm
9Nate Oines
10Mark Ten Haken
11Peter Goeben
12Susan Staed
13Dan Dassow
14Jeff Kowalchuk
15Josh Grutza
16Jeff Batzer
17Greg Pitner
18Bret Paluch
19Erik Rentmeester
20Neil Graf
21Tara Henjum
22Steve Beno
23Matt McCarty
24Josh Schnepf
25Jordan Semrow
26Mike McCotter
27Rob Noe
28Patrick VanDenEng
29Eric Strangeway
30Rhonda Beno
31Nicole Martins
32Kayli Bodway
33Kevin E Cucci
34Chris Gerwing
35Corey McElroy
36Brian Leuthner
37Wes Flegel
38Bob Brisk
39Tim Bodway
40Rick Milanowski
41Joe DeCleene
42Sev Guzzonato
43Lucas Flegel
44Billy Vandeneng
45Steve Fabry
46Erikka Voelz
47Lee Dietzen
48Joe Lytie
49Owen Monfils
50Matt Peters
51Holden Milanowski
52Beth Trofka
53Wilson Rohrer
54Joe Staed
55Erik Thoren
56Vaelle Voise
57Mike Schlumpf
58Michael Reiman
59Becky Meyer
60Bryan Semrow
61Katrina Keys
62Aidan Lytie
63Andy Van Schyndle
64Jesse Carpenter
65Megan Bodway
66Tony Trofka
67James Diederich
68Kassidy Milanowski
69Chris Challenger
70Don Mitchell
71Josh Rybak

League Night Specific Info

New Players Welcome!

Any one can join league night. League is a month to month event and no long term commitment required. The $40 Fee covers both February 4th and February 18th dates, all game play, bottled water and soda. Price for children 13 and younger with adult will be $30 for the month. Pay in person when you come to District 82 Pinball. The fee is the same if you make 1 date or both dates. This is an individual event and not a team event. But it is limited to 95 people. Practice starts at 5PM and league starts at 6PM. To register use the “register” button on this page or send an email to [email protected] saying you would like to join league for this month.

You also have the option to join annually for $380 which covers all 12 months with 24 league nights.

Click Here for more information on Tuesday Night Pinball League

We play 7 Rounds of match play style pinball with Swiss Seeding. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is I can explain it to you very quickly when you show up. You play anything you want during practice from 5PM-6PM. Then we start league at 6PM. In-between the 7 rounds of play there will be some down time and you can play anything you want. All games are on Free Play. At the end of the night we add up your 7 rounds of play to see your standings. We take the 2 separate nights per month and add the results together for final standings. Top 5 get trophies but everyone has fun and gets points from IFPA. All events are International Flipper Pinball Association (IFPA) approved so you will get World Pinball Player Ranking (WPPR) points for playing in league at District 82 Pinball. This will eventually give you a State and World ranking.

Private Parties at District 82 Pinball

Have District 82 Pinball host your Private Event, Team Building Event, or Birthday Party! We have 2 different options. You get the the whole place to yourselves not just a side room.

Click here for more details on private events


Erik Thoren
(920) 621.9631


District 82 Pinball
800 O Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
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