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Survivor Pinball Tournament

July 18, 2020 @ 5:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Final Results

Pos. Name
1 Bob Twichell
2 Kassidy Milanowski
3 Dennis Kendall
4 Joe DeCleene
5 Brian Leuthner
6 Stephanie Staed
7 Brian Pierce
8 Valle Voise
9 Erik Thoren
10 Lance Laabs
11 Josh Schnepf
12 Steve Fabry
13 Christopher Seliski
  Tara Henjum
  Kris Koehler
  Erik Rentmeester
17 Brenda Rentmeester
18 Andrew Kasten
  Peter Goeben
  James Diederich
21 Susan Staed
22 Darrell Van Landuyt
23 Rick Milanowski
24 Matt McCarty
25 Scott Laplante
26 Clarissa LaPlante
27 Bryan Semrow
28 Tony Trofka
29 Rachel Lilge
30 Luke Erdman
31 Patrick Klatt
32 Liam Laabs
33 Michael Reiman
34 Gavin Laabs
35 Mike McCotter
36 Joe Staed
37 Julie Klatt
38 Nicole Martins
39 Gage McCotter
40 Christian Anderson
41 Neil Green

Click HERE to see pictures from this event.

Qualifying Standings:

Pos. Name Points
1 Brian Leuthner 53
2 Erik Thoren 49
3 Kassidy Milanowski 47
4 Brian Pierce 45
5 Bob Twichell 43
6 Josh Schnepf 43
7 Dennis Kendall 43
8 Steve Fabry 43
9 Vaelle Voise 43
10 Joe DeCleene 41
11 Lance Laabs 40
12 Stephanie Staed 39
13 Christopher Seliski 39
  Tara Henjum 39
Kris Koehler 39
Erik Rentmeester 39
17 Brenda Rentmeester 37
18 Andrew Kasten 37
  Peter Goeben 37
  James Diederich 37
21 Susan Staed 37
22 Darrell Van Landuyt 36
23 Rick Milanowski 35
24 Matt McCarty 35
25 Scott Laplante 35
26 Clarissa LaPlante 34
27 Bryan Semrow 34
28 Tony Trofka 33
29 Rachel Lilge 33
30 Luke Erdman 33
31 Patrick Klatt 32
32 Liam Laabs 31
33 Michael Reiman 31
34 Gavin Laabs 30
35 Mike McCotter 28
36 Joe Staed 27
37 Julie Klatt 27
38 Nicole Martins 25
39 Gage McCotter 25
40 Christian Anderson 22
41 Neil Green 20

Tournament Details:

Tournament Date: Saturday July 18th

9 Rounds Group Match Play followed with top 12 survivor playoff

No Side Tournament

Not IFPA Approved, No WPPR Points

Beverages and Trophies Sponsored by our friends at Escape Room Wisconsin

Event Sponsers:


District 82 Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd Suite F
De Pere, WI 54115


Saturday July 18th

Tournament Starts at 5PM

Practice Starts at 4PM

Please arrive by 4:45PM to check in

If you have not checked in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you will be removed from tournament.


Limited to 50 people

Cost is $25 per person

Their is is blue button on the website that says “REGISTER” if their are still spots remaining. Please use it or if you are having trouble you can send an email to [email protected] saying you want to register and I can manually put you in.

Fee includes:

All machines are on FreePlay so no additional costs

Bottled water and soda (if you want something specific to drink or eat you can bring it)

Trophies for top 5

Overall Winner receives a Stern Jurassic Park Translite

Tournament is currently not IFPA approved

Updated Procedures for Playing at District 82 Pinball

  • Capacity is Limited to 50 people
  • Everyone must wear a mask/face covering
  • Temperature must be below 100.4 Fahrenheit for entry
  • Maintain Social Distancing
  • Wash Hands and Use Hand Sanitizer Often
  • Sign a COVID-19 Waiver

Survivor Tournament Format:

The Format will consist of 9 Rounds of Play in groups of 4 players (3 players if necessary).

One game will be played per round per group.

Scoring will be 7/5/3/1 or 7/4/1

First round will be random seeding.

Subsequent rounds will be seeded using Swiss Seeding. Computer will try to match people with the same win loss record each round.

All games will be drawn randomly (but will alternate between DMD and non-DMD games) and should balance out so you’re not playing the same machine over and over again.

In between rounds you can play any game you wish while you are waiting for the next round.

Top 12 players will get into the finals. I will set the software to automatic tie breaking (also never done this before) which takes into account the strength of the opponents you faced in determining your position. So you and someone else could have the exact same number of points but if the opponents they faced ended the tournament with more points than your opponents then they technically had harder opponents and would be placed higher than you in the standings.

If you do not make the finals you are welcome to stay and play games that are not in the finals.

Door Prizes

Will be randomly awarded to players after the qualifying rounds but before the finals.

Finals Format

This is different than anything else I have done at District 82 Pinball. All players will be given a seed 1-12 based on the 9 qualifying rounds. This will consist of 11 pre picked games that all 12 players will potentially play in a certain order as 1 player games.

The lowest seed (#12) will play a full game on the first machine. They write down that score and this is now the ‘score to beat’ on this game. The next lowest seed (#11) plays the same game, if that player scores more points than “the score to beat” then they move onto game 2 and plays that game to establish the score to beat on game 2. At the same time the next lowest seed (#10) steps up to the first game and tries to score more than the ‘score to beat’.  Lets say they don’t beat that score and they establish a new low ‘score to beat’. Then they would be stuck at the first game and then the player (seed #12) gets to move onto the 2nd game to try and beat that score. As more and more players join in then more and more games will be played simultaneously and more ‘scores to beat’ will be established on each game. Finally the highest seed #1 steps up to the first game. At this point all 11 players in front of them have played this machine and most of the 12 machines in the finals have a ‘score to beat’ that has been established.  If seed #1 scores more than than the ‘score to beat’ than the player who was ‘stuck’ at this game with that score is out of the competition and gets 12th place. This continues on for the next 10 games until ultimately only 2 players are left on the final machine. High Score Wins.

The goal in all of this is not to be the last person on any of these games. If you are then you have established the lowest score and that will be your finishing position. So the player will the lowest score on the 1st game gets 12th Place. The player with the lowest score on the 2nd game gets 11th Place, etc.

Top 5 Trophies


July 18, 2020
5:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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Erik Thoren
(920) 621-9631


District 82 Pinball
800 Okeefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
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(920) 621-9631
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