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2024 Winter 3X Pinball Tournaments

February 16 @ 9:00 am - February 18 @ 5:00 pm

Stern Pro Circuit Pinball Tournament

A Division Final Results

Position Player
1 Steven Bowden
2 Jason Zahler
3 Carlos Delaserda
4 Germain Mariolle
5 Preston Currie
6 Kassidy Milanowski
7 Josh Sharpe
8 Zach Sharpe
9 Luke Nahorniak **TD**
10 Brian Krivonak
10 Raymond Davidson
12 Matt McCarty **TD**
13 Tyrus Eagle
13 Jason Werdrick
15 Anna Neal
16 Matt Faulkner
17 Gabe Da Silveira
17 Steve Zahler
19 Tom Graf
20 Jared Eshelman
20 Tom Menge
22 Ryan Dunn
23 Sterling Mitoska
23 Erik Thoren **TD**

B Division Final Results

Position Player
1 Gabe Noblesmith
2 Tyler Becker
3 Brandon Hoffman
4 Troy Saenz
5 Kristen Gregory
6 Troy Hall IN
7 Nick Campbell
7 Keith Hanson
9 Dominic Labella
10 Ed Zeltmann
10 Mike Pantoliano
12 William Johnson
12 Joe Bayer
14 Ryan Eggers
14 Clayton Prinster
16 Cory Pershing

C Division Final Results

Position Player
1 Chris Eagle
2 Sam Arnold
3 Bill Lembesis
4 Nathan Bartz
5 Joe Corrao
5 Mike Schmitt
7 Randy Nelson
7 Aaron Prestemon
9 Emil Assily
10 Chris Hayre
10 Summer Ellington
12 Deborah Tahlman
13 Jason Krajcar
14 Seth Evans
15 Mike Jacobson
16 Dori Zielinski

Day 2 Division A Qualify

Position Player Total Points Points Carried Tiebreaker
1 Jason Zahler 53 pts. 28 53:01.62
2 Preston Currie 49 pts. 22 49:01.48
3 Luke Nahorniak **TD** 46 pts. 22 46:01.68
3 Germain Mariolle 46 pts. 26 46:01.68
5 Steven Bowden 46 pts. 24 46:01.64
6 Zach Sharpe 46 pts. 26 46:01.59
7 Carlos Delaserda 46 pts. 24 46:01.47
8 Raymond Davidson 45.5 pts. 25.5 45.5:1.66
9 Steve Zahler 45 pts. 28 45:01.67
10 Gabe Da Silveira 44 pts. 19 44:01.47
11 Sterling Mitoska 43 pts. 30 43:01.73
12 Jared Eshelman 42 pts. 21 42:01.60
13 Jason Werdrick 41 pts. 22 41:01.59
14 Tom Graf 41 pts. 22 41:01.58
15 Brian Krivonak 41 pts. 21 41:01.46
16 Josh Sharpe 41 pts. 22 41:01.38
17 Matt McCarty **TD** 40 pts. 20 40:01.60
18 Matt Faulkner 40 pts. 21 40:01.50
19 Ryan Dunn 40 pts. 19 40:01.39
19 Tyrus Eagle 40 pts. 21 40:01.39
21 Anna Neal 39.5 pts. 19.5 39.5:1.27
22 Kassidy Milanowski 39 pts. 20
23 Tom Menge 39 pts. 20
24 Erik Thoren **TD** 39 pts. 18
25 Geoff Alterman 39 pts. 19
26 Ron Hallett Jr. 38.5 pts. 21.5 38.5:1.51
27 Ryan Spindler 38.5 pts. 20 38.5:1.17
28 Marion Richards 38 pts. 21 38:01.45
29 Trent Augenstein 37 pts. 24 37:01.65
30 Mike Weyenberg 37 pts. 20 37:01.46
31 Mike Moberg 37 pts. 20 37:01.37
32 Alex Phelps 35 pts. 19 35:01.31
33 Sean Irby 34.5 pts. 22 34.5:1.55
34 Andy Dill 32.5 pts. 19.5 32.5:1.3
35 Jane Verwys 32 pts. 22 32:01.54
36 Trey Keng 31 pts. 21 31:01.60
37 Trae Vance 28.5 pts. 20 28.5:1.5
38 Lindsey Shute 28.5 pts. 19 28.5:1.45
39 Chris Gerwing 22 pts. 19 22:01.54

Day 2 Division B Qualify

Position Player Total Points Points Carried Tiebreaker
1 Brandon Hoffman 46 pts. 17 46:01.59
2 Joe Bayer 44 pts. 18 44:01.57
3 Ryan Eggers 40.5 pts. 17 40.5:1.38
4 Ed Zeltmann 39 pts. 18 39:01.51
5 William Johnson 38.5 pts. 18 38.5:1.69
6 Mike Pantoliano 38 pts. 18 38:01.70
7 Gabe Noblesmith 38 pts. 17 38:01.53
8 Keith Hanson 37 pts. 17 37:01.57
9 Clayton Prinster 37 pts. 17 37:01.42
10 Kristen Gregory 36 pts. 18 36:01.68
11 Troy Hall IN 35.5 pts. 17 35.5:1.57
12 Troy Saenz 35 pts. 18 35:01.54
13 Nick Campbell 33.5 pts. 17 33.5:1.52
14 Tyler Becker 33 pts. 15 33:01.50
15 Cory Pershing 32.5 pts. 16 32.5:1.36
16 Dominic Labella 31.5 pts. 13
19 Matt Moberg 31.5 pts. 16
17 Jon Lents 31.5 pts. 16
18 Jordan Cappaert 31.5 pts. 16
20 Melissa Lummus 31 pts. 17 31:01.67
21 Rachel Engels 31 pts. 18 31:01.65
22 Autumn Schimnoski 30 pts. 16 30:01.41
23 Tony Trofka 29.5 pts. 16 29.5:1.43
24 Rachel Ristow 26 pts. 13 26:01.44
25 Gregory Hein 25 pts. 17.5 25:01.31

Day 2 Division C Qualify

Position Player Points Tiebreaker
1 Chris Eagle 27 pts. 27:01.67
2 Nathan Bartz 25 pts. 25:01.65
3 Joe Corrao 23 pts. 23:01.47
4 Mike Jacobson 22 pts. 22:01.50
5 Bill Lembesis 21 pts. 21:01.70
6 Aaron Prestemon 21 pts. 21:01.67
7 Sam Arnold 19 pts. 19:01.69
8 Randy Nelson 19 pts. 19:01.49
9 Summer Ellington 19 pts. 19:01.44
10 Deborah Tahlman 18 pts. 18:01.62
11 Chris Hayre 18 pts. 18:01.48
12 Emil Assily 17 pts. 17:01.53
13 Mike Schmitt 17 pts. 17:01.37
14 Seth Evans 17 pts. 17:01.34
15 Dori Zielinski 16 pts. 16:01.54
16 Jason Krajcar 15 pts.
17 Brent Schimnoski 15 pts.
18 Sara Bradley 14 pts. 14:01.33
19 Emily Anderson 12 pts. 12:01.22
20 Beth Trofka 5 pts. 05:01.37

Day 1 Qualify Results

Position Player Points Tiebreaker
1 Sterling Mitoska 30 pts. 30:01.62
2 Steve Zahler 28 pts. 28:01.70
3 Jason Zahler 28 pts. 28:01.69
4 Zach Sharpe 26 pts. 26:01.65
5 Germain Mariolle 26 pts. 26:01.42
6 Raymond Davidson 25.5 pts. 25.5:1.53
7 Steven Bowden 24 pts. 24:01.66
7 Carlos Delaserda 24 pts. 24:01.66
9 Trent Augenstein 24 pts. 24:01.56
10 Sean Irby 22 pts. 22:01.83
11 Jason Werdrick 22 pts. 22:01.73
12 Luke Nahorniak **TD** 22 pts. 22:01.67
12 Jane Verwys 22 pts. 22:01.67
14 Tom Graf 22 pts. 22:01.61
15 Preston Currie 22 pts. 22:01.56
16 Josh Sharpe 22 pts. 22:01.49
17 Ron Hallett Jr. 21.5 pts. 21.5:1.48
18 Marion Richards 21 pts. 21:01.68
19 Jared Eshelman 21 pts. 21:01.65
20 Matt Faulkner 21 pts. 21:01.60
21 Brian Krivonak 21 pts. 21:01.55
22 Tyrus Eagle 21 pts. 21:01.42
23 Trey Keng 21 pts. 21:01.25
24 Mike Weyenberg 20 pts. 20:01.69
25 Kassidy Milanowski 20 pts. 20:01.65
26 Trae Vance 20 pts. 20:01.61
27 Ryan Spindler 20 pts. 20:01.56
28 Tom Menge 20 pts. 20:01.48
29 Matt McCarty **TD** 20 pts. 20:01.38
30 Mike Moberg 20 pts. 20:01.37
31 Anna Neal 19.5 pts. 19.5:1.61
32 Andy Dill 19.5 pts. 19.5:1.45
33 Lindsey Shute 19 pts. 19:01.74
34 Geoff Alterman 19 pts. 19:01.61
35 Alex Phelps 19 pts. 19:01.46
35 Chris Gerwing 19 pts. 19:01.46
37 Gabe Da Silveira 19 pts. 19:01.38
38 Ryan Dunn 19 pts. 19:01.37
39 Erik Thoren **TD** 18 pts. 18:01.58
40 Joe Bayer 18 pts. 18:01.56
40 Mike Pantoliano 18 pts. 18:01.56
42 Troy Saenz 18 pts. 18:01.52
43 Rachel Engels 18 pts. 18:01.50
44 Kristen Gregory 18 pts. 18:01.47
45 William Johnson 18 pts. 18:01.45
46 Ed Zeltmann 18 pts. 18:01.30
47 Gregory Hein 17.5 pts. 17.5:1.27
48 Ryan Eggers 17 pts. 17:01.77
49 Gabe Noblesmith 17 pts. 17:01.67
50 Melissa Lummus 17 pts. 17:01.63
51 Nick Campbell 17 pts. 17:01.61
52 Troy Hall IN 17 pts. 17:01.49
53 Keith Hanson 17 pts. 17:01.41
54 Brandon Hoffman 17 pts. 17:01.38
55 Clayton Prinster 17 pts. 17:01.35
56 Cory Pershing 16 pts. 16:01.69
57 Jordan Cappaert 16 pts. 16:01.64
58 Autumn Schimnoski 16 pts. 16:01.52
59 Tony Trofka 16 pts. 16:01.37
60 Jon Lents 16 pts. 16:01.35
61 Matt Moberg 16 pts. 16:01.33
62 Tyler Becker 15 pts. 15:01.63
63 Bill Lembesis 15 pts. 15:01.56
64 Chris Hayre 15 pts. 15:01.45
65 Chris Eagle 15 pts. 15:01.43
66 Mike Schmitt 15 pts. 15:01.33
67 Dori Zielinski 14.5 pts. 14.5:1.48
68 Andy Smith IL 14 pts. 14:01.56
69 Brent Schimnoski 14 pts. 14:01.40
69 Beth Trofka 14 pts. 14:01.40
71 Seth Evans 14 pts. 14:01.34
72 Joe Corrao 14 pts. 14:01.22
73 Randy Nelson 13.5 pts. 13.5:1.42
74 Rachel Ristow 13 pts. 13:01.51
75 Dominic Labella 13 pts. 13:01.46
76 Jason Krajcar 13 pts. 13:01.43
77 Sara Bradley 13 pts. 13:01.26
78 Summer Ellington 12 pts. 12:01.52
79 Deborah Tahlman 12 pts. 12:01.39
80 Sam Arnold 12 pts. 12:01.30
81 Mike Jacobson 11.5 pts. 11.5:1.21
82 Emily Anderson 11 pts. 11:01.46
83 Aaron Prestemon 11 pts. 11:01.42
84 Emil Assily 9 pts. 09:01.30
85 Sarah English 6 pts. 06:01.51
86 Nathan Bartz 6 pts. 06:01.33

6th Annual Winter 3X Pinball Tournaments

Stern Pro Circuit Event

Pinburgh inspired main event tournament will take place over all 3 days (Friday-Sunday) with 2 separate knockout tournaments at night on both Friday and Saturday. The main event is also a Stern Pro Circuit Tournament! We will also have a 4th ‘warm up’ tournament that does count for IFPA points but no cash prizes on Thursday Night Feb 15th.  We have also added a fun Non-IFPA Sanctioned event to Sunday for all players that do not qualify for finals in the main event as well. Registration for the Winter 3X Opens on Saturday December 2nd, 2023 at 11AM. Registration for the Thursday night tournament opens 5 minutes after the Winter 3X Registration Opens. You can click this link for more info and/or to register for that tournament. https://district82.com/event/classics-kickoff-tournament-3x/

Live Stream Tournament!

All tournaments will be live streamed on Twitch with Fox Cities Pinball Stream Here: https://www.twitch.tv/foxcitiespinball

3 Hotel Deals:

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites in De Pere is a brand new hotel (building built in 2022) and is offering a corporate rate on hotel rooms for District 82 events. The rooms are all really nice and the hotel is located 2.1 miles from District 82 in downtown De Pere. The room rates start at $109 per night. Use this link https://be.synxis.com/?Hotel=37764&Chain=7721&promo=DIST82 or Promo Code DIST82 when booking through them directly.

Nuks Executive Suites in De Pere is very close by. Please call them at (920) 425-7129 or email them at [email protected] and tell them your with District 82 to get the discount. You get a Deluxe Queen room for $85/night and you would get 10% off if you stay for 4 nights.

Kress Inn which is only 2 miles away from District 82 right in downtown De Pere has a deal as well. The discounted rate gives up to 15% off the best year round price they have. You can call them at 800-221-5070 and reference District 82 Pinball or use the following link for an online booking: http://www.choicehotels.com/ires/en-US/html/ArrivalInfo?hotel=WI118&srp=LDIS82&pu=no


Overhead ‘house’ lighting will be on for all events Thursday-Sunday.

Stern Pro Circuit Main Event:

Day 1: 4 Rounds, 3 Games (from different eras) Per Round with same group of players, Tiered Swiss Pairings, IFPA Rank Seeding to start, 3/2/1/0 scoring per game. All 150 players against each other.

Day 2: The entire field will be divided up into A/B & Novice divisions (Approximately 1/3 of field in each) based on results of Day 1.  A & B Divisions will carry those points into day 2. Novice Division players will start over at Zero points. We will have rank restrictions for A & B divisions explained below under tournament formats but no one will be eliminated from the tournament after Day 1. You will play 4 more rounds of 3 game banks, tiered swiss pairings, seeding based on Day 1 points, 3/2/1/0 scoring per game. Top 24 in A division and Top 16 in B & Novice division will make playoffs.

Day 3: Each Division will have the same playoff format except the top 8 in A will have a 1st round bye in the finals. Top seed in each 4 player group will have choice of bank and their order on first game. Each round will consist of a 3 game bank with 4/2/1/0 scoring. Top 2 advance bottom 2 eliminated until we get to 4 players who then play for the win. Money Prizes in A/B & Novice Division. If you do not make the finals on Sunday we will have a Non-IFPA Sanctioned Split Flipper Tournament for you to play in. There is no charge or cash prizes (just trophies) for the Split Flipper Tournament. You can also just free play on the Non-Tournament Games.

We will have money payouts for Top 24 in A Division and Top 16 in B & Novice Divisions.

IFPA Certified Approval & Pro Circuit Event

These tournaments will be approved for IFPA points. The Main Event follows the IFPA certified format and will be certified+ if we have 128 or more players. The Main Event is a Stern Pro Circuit Event. The Main Event will be 200%TGP with a 25%-50% event booster based on number of players which will put it at 250%-300% for WPPR Points. The knockout tournaments should be 100% TGP each.

Cost – New Structure with a Discounted Early Entry Fee Payment

$280 Per Player ($170 Admission to District 82 $110 to Prize Pools). There is a discount of $30 (this comes out of admission fee to D82, so $250 Total Cost) if you register AND pay by December 16th, 2023. This pays for all 3 IFPA tournaments from Friday-Sunday. District 82 pays sales tax, IFPA fees, trophies, etc out of admission costs. 100% of prize pool money goes to players as money prizes. This Entry Fee is PAID IN ADVANCE WHEN YOU REGISTER. Not at the door when you arrive. Please read the refund policy below. If you pay and then cancel you WILL NOT get 100% of your money back. If the event is full and you sign up on the waitlist prior to December 16th then I will honor the discounted price of $250 if we have people drop out and you come up on the waitlist. You will be notified that your name came up by the email you registered with and you will have 24 hours to respond and pay the entry fee. If you do not respond you will be deleted from the waitlist and the next person will be contacted. You may sign up again but now you will be subject to the new waitlist position and pricing. If event is not full and you sign up but don’t pay by December 16th you will need to pay the full price of $280.


150 Players for these tournaments


Registration Opens Saturday December 2rd at 11AM Central Time. Don’t pay until you are registered!

I will be registering up to 10% of the register list, 15 people, in advance whom are either sponsors or those helping to make this event happen. Also, The IFPA Board of Directors (they don’t count in the total).

Registration for The Winter 3X Tournaments is a 2 step process

  1. Secure your spot – be one of the first 150 people to register on this site when registration opens on December 2nd at 11:00AM Central Time — That is the rush part and is the same it has always been for all my events. Exactly at 11AM a blue button that says ‘Register’ will appear (you need to hit F5 to refresh your browser). Click that button and give me your name and email then click submit. This signs you up for all tournaments on Friday-Sunday at the Winter 3X. You can only register for one person at a time. Once you have secured your spot the rush is over, take a minute, and correctly pay for it.
  2. Pay for your registration – (Credit Card, Pay Pal or Cash) – December 2nd, after you register above, pay with a credit card by clicking the “Buy Now” button below which takes you to Square Pay or sending [email protected] a pay pal with the required funds. Pay Pal you can use either merchant or friends and family. Make sure you put your name that you registered with somewhere in the notes of the payments. I have to manually check the registration and payment systems separately and match them up. You can pay for more that one person at a time, just give me a note or send an email as to whom you are paying for. You can also pay cash, in person, at any event at District 82. Once you register you name on the list you have 24 hours to pay for you registration or you may be removed from the registered list. You can always register again but you may be on the waitlist or not be able to get the early payment discount if it’s after the December 16th discount deadline.
    Cost of Registration – $280 is the price for this event and includes all the tournaments Friday-Sunday. You will get a $30 Discount ($250 total price) if you Register and Pay by December 16th, 2023. The Discount comes out of the admission fee to District 82. The Prize Pool fee is unaffected by this and 100% of that money is paid back to the players as prize money. If you pay and then cancel by December 16th you will get a full refund back. If you pay and cancel after Dec 17th, 2023 you will not get all of your money back. Please read the Cancellation Policy below for exact details. Starting on December 17th the $30 discount will be removed and the price will be $280.


I will not be offering individual tournament registrations on these tournaments.

Pay for your entry into all 3 tournaments using the button below AFTER you secure your spot in the Winter 3X. Do not pay any money if you are not registered. Do not pay any money if you are on the waitlist. You will be contacted if you move up from waitlist to registered and then you pay the entry fee.


2024 Winter 3X Tournaments

2024 Winter 3X Tournaments


Buy now

6th Annual Winter 3X Tournaments Details:

3 Separate Tournaments over 3 Days
Friday Feb 16th, 2024 – Sunday Feb 18th, 2024
Main Tournament ($80 per player prize Pool Money) spans all 3 days will be 200% TGP (Plus 25-50% Certified Event Booster) for WPPR Points from IFPA
Main Tournament is also a Stern Pro Circuit event and counts for points towards that.
Friday & Saturday Knockout Tournaments ($15 per player Prize Pool Money Each) should be 100% TGP each for WPPR Points from IFPA
Sunday is finals for Main Event and we have a fun Non-IFPA Sanctioned Split Flipper Tournament for everyone that didn’t make finals

$280 Total Cost Per Player broken down below

Admission Fee to District 82 is $170

Admission costs go directly to District 82 and includes all games on free play, sales taxes, credit card fees, IFPA endorsement fees, Stern Pro Circuit Endorsement Fee, trophies, bottled water, coffee, etc.
We will not be open to the public during this event. The Winter 3X Tournaments is an event only for the players who are participating in it. We do not have a separate tournament and free play area. You may have someone stop by for a short amount of time but they may not hang out here while the tournaments are in progress.
You can come and go all 3 days with all 100+ games on free play the whole time. Click here for current game list.
You can bring in your own food and drinks. BYOB is fine. You can order food and have it delivered. I should also have a food truck out front Friday & Saturday too.

Prize Pool Money is $110 

$80 Per Player goes to the Main Event
$15 Per Players goes to each of the 2 nightly knockout tournaments
$0 Per Player goes to Sunday Alternate Split Flipper Tournament

Schedule of Events Feb 15th-18th, 2024

Thursday Feb 15th – This is an extra day and not exclusive to Winter 3X Players, it has separate registration and a charge of $25 (paid at the door) and is not part of Winter 3X
Thursday 3PM – Doors Open
Thursday 5PM – Classics Kickoff Tournament – IFPA approved (152% TGP)
Thursday 5-9PM Food Truck Jamaica Mi Krazy

———–Winter 3X Schedule———-

Friday Feb 16th
Friday 8AM – Doors Open Practice Starts
Friday 9AM-4:30PM – Main Event Qualifying Day 1
Friday 11AM-2PM – The Wandering Table Food Truck
Friday 12:30PM – Short Break for lunch
Friday 5PM-Midnight – Event 2 – 10 Strike Progressive Knockout All Games
Friday 5PM-9PM – The Wandering Table Food Truck
Friday 8PM Short Dinner Break

Saturday Feb 17th
Saturday 8AM – Doors Open Practice
Saturday 9AM-4:30PM – Main Event Qualifying Day 2 & Tiebreakers
Saturday 11:30-2:30PM No Pork on your Fork Food Truck 
Saturday 12:30PM – Short Lunch Break
Saturday 5PM-Midnight – Event 3 – 8 Fair Strikes Classics Knockout
Saturday 7PM-9PM No Pork on your Fork Food Truck 
Saturday 8PM Short Dinner Break

Sunday Feb 18th
Sunday 8AM Doors Open and Practice on Non-Finals Machines (Rows 1-4)
Sunday 9AM-2PM Non-IFPA Sanctioned, Split Flipper, Head to Head, 3 Strike Knockout Tournament
Sunday 9:15AM-5PM Main Event Finals (Rows 5-8, AC1 & AC2 Rooms)


District 82 Pinball Arcade
800 O’Keefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115


February 16th-18th, 2024
Doors open and Practice Starts 1 hour before each tournament begins
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of 1st tournament each day to check in
You only need to check in once at the start of each tournament day. After breaks or 2nd tournament starts you do not need to check in again that day.
If you have not checked in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you may be removed from tournament.


See above for registration instructions


Thank You to all of our sponsors who are a big part of making this event happen!


Trophies or plaques for top 4 each tournament

Main Event pays out the Top 24 In A division and Top 16 in B & Novice Division.
Money Prizes for top 8 in each knockout tournament, prize amount is based on number of players. Paid out as a check from District 82.
$80 per player goes into the cash prize pool for the main tournament and $15 goes into each knockout tournament.
You are responsible for any income taxes. If you win over $600 in prize money from District 82 in a calendar year you will need to fill out a W-9 and will receive a 1099-MISC for the total amount of your winnings. You will also get a check from District 82 not actual cash.

Certified Main Event

Prize Pool of $80 per player will be split between A/B & Novice Division

A Division 65%
B Division 25%
Novice Division 10%

Prize Money % for 1st-24th in A Division

  • 1st 28%
  • 2nd 16%
  • 3rd 10%
  • 4th 6%
  • 5th-8th 4% each
  • 9th-16th 2% each
  • 17th-24th 1% each

Prize Money % for 1st-16th in B & C Division

  • 1st 30%
  • 2nd 20%
  • 3rd 10%
  • 4th 8%
  • 5th-8th 4% Each
  • 9th-16th 2% Each

*Example Assuming 150 Players: $12,000 Total Prize Pool

A Division 65% of $12,000 = $7,800

  • 1st  $1,872
  • 2nd $1,248
  • 3rd $780
  • 4th $468
  • 5th-8th $312 Each
  • 9th-16th $156 Each
  • 17th-24th $78 Each

B Division 25% of $12,000 = $3,000

  • 1st $900
  • 2nd $600
  • 3rd $300
  • 4th $240
  • 5th-8th $120 Each
  • 9th-16th $60 Each

Novice Division 10% of $12,000 = $1,200

  • 1st $360
  • 2nd $240
  • 3rd $120
  • 4th $96
  • 5th-8th $48 Each
  • 9th-16th $24 Each

Classics & Progressive Knockout Tournaments

Prize Pool is $15 Per Player for Each Tournament

Cash Prizes for 1st-8th

  • 1st 35%
  • 2nd 20%
  • 3rd 15%
  • 4th 10%
  • 5th-8th 5% each

*Example Assuming 150 players, $2,250 prize pool per tournament— actual payouts will be more or less depending on number of players

  • 1st $787.50
  • 2nd $450
  • 3rd $337.50
  • 4th $225
  • 5th-8th $112.50 each

Tournaments will be IFPA approved and will be submitted ASAP after each tournament.

The prize money awarded at the tournaments are final. The tournament directors’ decisions on rulings are final. You agree to these terms by signing up. You can’t come back after the tournaments are finalized and dispute your finishing position or prize payout for any reason. Any discrepancies need to be brought up immediately to tournament director, at and during, the tournaments themselves.

Tournament Formats:

Main Event Qualifying Day 1

Friday February 17th, 2023
8AM Doors Open for Practice
9AM Tournament Starts
4:30PM Projected End Time

We will use all 100+ Pinball Machines inside District 82 Pinball. At some point you will be playing a machine directly next to another player. This cannot be avoided so play on. Each round will consist of your 4 player (3 player when necessary) group playing a 3 game bank each round. We will play 4 rounds total (12 Games Total), tiered swiss pairings, automatic tiebreakers on, IFPA seeding to start, rotating order. Each bank will consist of a classics pin (1985 and older non DMD style), Mid Game (1981-1996) and a modern pin (1994 DMD or LCD game). You will play each game one at a time (Not Multi-Match). Once you finish all 3 games you turn in your sheet or upload the results. You will get 3/2/1/0 or 3/1.5/0 scoring on each game. So a maximum of 9 points per round. At the end of Day 1 qualifying you will be divided into A/B or Novice Division based on your overall accumulated points. Roughly Top 1/3 Players for A, Next 1/3 Players for B, everyone else in Novice Division.  Tournament Director may modify the number of players in each division but we are trying to get ROUGHLY 1/3 of the field in each. There will be ties & such so it’s very doubtful we hit exactly 1/3 in each but that is the goal. The tournament director will make the determination as to exactly how many people are in each division at the start of day 2. These numbers of players can change based on restrictions below too. A & B Division players take there totals into Day 2 and add on from there. Novice Division Players start over on there qualifying points.

I am going to use Match Play Software for all tournaments this year including the main event


Normally, every tournament we run at District 82 uses Match Play software, we print out sheets for everyone to take to there group/games, you circle who got 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and turn the sheet in. We will be doing this for the Thursday warm up tournament and Friday & Saturday Night knockouts but not for the Main Event. For the Main Event it will all be done on your phones. This is the same thing that was done at Yegpin last year so if you were there this should be very familiar. I do have blank grouping sheets if needed and you can fill them out and turn in if no one in your group has access on there phone.

Karl DeAngelo created a 5 minute tutorial video for Yegpin and you can watch it at the link below. Please watch the video (it is very good) before you ask me how this works. D82 does have WiFi for you phones too. It all works the same as Yegpin, except we are doing 4 rounds each day with 3 games per round instead of 5 rounds with 4 games each round. You can watch that video here:


This is what I need you to do. You ‘register for an account’ with the Drains Tournament Manager using Name, IFPA number and email address at the link below. Even if you have used Neverdrains in the past set up an account for this event.


Your name and IFPA number have already been inputted into the system for this event. This will be matched up when you create an account. The most important thing is your IFPA number matches so if your name is Michael and you use Mike it will still work fine as long as IFPA number matches. You can find your IFPA number by searching your name here:


One change for this event will be that you will be picking order for each game in every match instead of the software automatically picking your order. We are still doing Tiered Swiss pairings with IFPA rank for seeding of the first round. The game banks are randomly selected for all groups. The game order choice will work like this. For the first game of round 1 the highest IFPA ranked player in the group will pick order first, followed by the 2nd highest, then 3rd highest and 4th highest gets what’s left. On games 2 & 3 the person who finished 4th in the previous game gets 1st order choice, followed by 3rd, followed by 2nd, then 1st place gets what is left for order. For the rest of the tournament IFPA rank won’t matter. On the 2nd round and subsequent rounds, order choice on the 1st game will be given to the player in the group who is doing the best in the tournament at that point. You will know who gets to pick order first on the first game in the round because the software will list that person first in the group, followed by 2nd, 3rd, 4th. When the game is over you input the scores of each player for the game instead of just telling me who got 1st,2nd,3rd,4th. The software will then know who got what place by the score. Any one of the 4 players in each group can pick the order and input the scores but to keep this simple I am going to ask the 1st player in each group to do this and verify it with the other players before it is submitted. Once all the scores are submitted the only way to correct a mistake is to get an admin (Erik Thoren) to fix it. Again I will have blank grouping sheets available if needed and you can manually fill them out and submit to front desk if no one in the group is able to do this on their phone or if you want to have a physical record of player order and scores.

IFPA Rank Restrictions for A & B Division

If you are ranked 100 or better in the world by the IFPA as of February 16th, 2024 you will be restricted to A Division. I am not using the WPPR Pro ranking which started on January 1st, 2024. I am using the regular ranking. If this changes from what I understand this to be I will make an adjustment to this prior to the start of the tournament and explain it to everyone. This means you must play in A Division Qualifying on Day 2. If you do not earn enough points to be in the roughly top 1/3 players you will be still be placed in A division with whatever points you accumulated and the field will be expanded to accommodate these players. So if 3 players ranked 100 or better in the world don’t get enough points to earn the A division spot on day 2 the field will be expanded by 3 players to let them in.
For IFPA Points Purposes: If you are restricted to  A or B division and you don’t accumulate enough points to ‘earn’ your spot on Day 2 and are forced to play based on your ranking. Your final finishing position in the overall tournament will be adjusted to wherever you finished Day 1 in qualifying unless you ‘earn’ a spot in the finals. If you earn your spot in the finals then your overall finishing position will be wherever you finish on Sunday in the finals.

If you are ranked 101st-750th in the world you will be restricted to no lower than B Division. This means that if you qualify in the roughly top 1/3 players for A division then you play in A division. If you score enough points for the next 1/3 of field players then you play in B division. If you do not score enough points for B division the field will be expanded to accommodate you into the B division for the 2nd day.
For IFPA Points Purposes: If you are restricted to a division and you don’t accumulate enough points to ‘earn’ your spot on Day 2 and are forced to play based on your ranking. Your final finishing position in the overall tournament will be adjusted to wherever you finished Day 1 in qualifying unless you ‘earn’ a spot in the finals. If you earn your spot in the finals then your overall finishing position will be wherever you finish on Sunday in the finals.

Novice division is 751st or lower or no rank by IFPA as of February 10th, 2024. These players have no restrictions of any kind and can play in any division they qualify for no matter if its A/B or Novice. Everyone left who did not qualify for A or B division will be put into Novice Division for Day 2.

Game List

Game list for the Main Event Tournament as of October 2023. These are the games used for the banks. I have not made the 3 game banks yet.

Depending on the number of players I will need to play some groups on the same banks but starting on different games. Each Bank has no distinct order for Modern/Mid/Classic. It is based on where it physically is inside District 82. This is done to maximize the amount of physical space you have between you and a nearby player. You will still end up playing directly next to someone else as some point, this cannot be avoided with this format. Play your games, in order, as written on the sheet for your group.

If a game goes down and cannot be repaired quickly you will be given a replacement game from the same era to complete your bank.

This listing may change slightly as we get closer to the event and I add or take our games inside District 82.

Classic 1985 & Earlier Mid 81-95 Modern 94 & newer
1964 Palooka 1981 Barracora 1994 Corvette
1967 Melody 1981 Jungle Lord 1994 Road Show
1971 Spanish Eyes 1981 Pharaoh 1994 The Shadow
1971 Doodle Bug 1982 Vector 1994 WWF Royal Rumble
1974 Sky Kings 1983 BMX 1995 Indianapolis 500
1975 Hi Deal 1985 Eight Ball Champ 1995 Theatre of Magic
1976 Triple Strike 1987 F-14 Tomcat 1997 Cirqus Voltaire
1976 Volley 1988 Cyclone 1997 No Good Gophers
1977 Stingray 1988 Jokerz 1998 Champion Pub
1978 Mata Hari 1988 Robo-War 1999 South Park
1978 Lectronamo 1989 Mousin Around 2001 Monopoly
1978 Memory Lane 1990 Funhouse 2003 Terminator 3
1978 Six Million Dollar Man 1990 Pool Sharks 2003 Simpsons Pinball Party
1978 Stars 1990 Whirlwind 2005 NASCAR
1978 Strikes & Spares 1991 Harley Davidson 2005 Sopranos
1978 Wild Fyre 1992 Addams Family 2007 Spider-Man
1979 Dolly Parton 1992 Black Rose 2007 Wheel of Fortune
1979 Harlem Globetrotters 1992 Doctor Who 2011 Tron Pro
1979 Hot Hand 1992 Fish Tales 2012 X-Men LE
1978 Kiss (Bally) 1992 Hook 2013 Metallica Pro
1979 Magic 1992 Star Wars (Data East) 2013 Star Trek Premium
1979 Meteor 1992 The Getaway 2020 Iron Man VE
1979 Paragon 1993 Bram Stoker’s Dracula 2014 Mustang Pro
1979 Star Trek (Bally) 1993 Indiana Jones 2014 The Walking Dead Pro
1979 Supersonic 1993 Judge Dredd 2015 Kiss Pro (Stern)
1979 Trident 1993 Jurassic Park (Data East) 2017 Aerosmith Pro
1980 Alien Poker 1993 Last Action Hero 2017 Attack From Mars SE
1980 Flight 2000 1993 Tales from the Crypt 2017 Guardians of the Galaxy Pro
1980 Frontier 1993 Twilight Zone 2017 Star Wars Pro (Stern)
1980 Hotdoggin’ 1993 White Water 2018 Deadpool Pro
1980 Mystic 1994 Demolition Man 2018 Iron Maiden Pro
1980 Seawitch 1994 Flintstones 2018 Monster Bash SE
1980 Silverball Mania 1994 Tommy 2019 Jurassic Park Prem
1980 Skateball 1994 World Cup Soccer 2021 Godzilla Pro
1980 Viking 1995 No Fear 2022 Foo Fighters Pro
1980 Xenon 1995 Jack-Bot
1981 Eight Ball Deluxe 1995 Johnny Mnemonic
1981 Flash Gordon 1996 Capcom Breakshot
1984 X’s & O’s
1985 Comet

Event 2: 10 Strike Progressive Knockout

Friday February 16th, 2024

You will play in groups of 4 players (3 when necessary), random seeding to start, then swiss style pairing thereafter. You will get 0/1/2/3 strikes per round (1 game per round). Once you receive 10 strikes you are out of the tournament. Once eliminated, you may stay and play all the games on free play the rest of the night. We alternate between A (1992 & newer DMD/LCD) & B (1985 & older Classics) Groups each round. Your final position will be determined by the round and number of strikes you have. Example if you go into a round with 8 strikes and someone else in a different group goes into a round with 7 strikes; you both get 4th place adding 3 strikes to your total. You would have 11 strikes and finish behind the person who ended the same round with only 10 strikes.

A tie for first place will result in a 1 GAME Tie Breaker randomly chosen by the tournament director. Ties between 2nd-8th position will be broken with a 1 GAME game tie breaker for the affected players to determine the trophy and/or cash received. Game will be selected by tournament director and the game itself will be either classic or modern based on what the next game choice would be been. When reporting this to IFPA for points those ties will be reported as such except a tie for 1st place. 1st Place is significant and will be reported as a win and not a tie. No playoffs or finals.

Cash Prizes for 1st-8th

Trophies or Plaques for 1-4

Main Event Qualifying Day 2

Saturday February 17th, 2024
8AM Doors Open for Practice
9AM Tournament Starts
4:30PM Projected End Time

The field of players is divided into 3 groups. Division A/B and Novice. All of your matches on this day will be within your division. A & B carries points from Day 1 with seeding based on accumulated points from Day 1 to start. Novice Division starts fresh with no points and seeding is IFPA rank to start or random if not available. Each round will consist of your 4 player (3 player when necessary) group playing a 3 game bank each round. We will play 4 rounds total (12 Games Total), tiered swiss pairings, player order will be pre-selected or highest seed getting first choice of order on first game then 4th place gets to choose order first on next game then 3rd place, etc. Each bank will consist of a classics pin (1985 and older non DMD style), Mid Game (1981-1995) and a modern pin (1994 DMD or LCD game). You will play each game one at a time (Not Multi-Match). Once you finish all 3 games you turn in your sheet or upload results. You will get 3/2/1/0 or 3/1.5/0 scoring on each game. So a maximum of 9 points per round.

A Division Finals Players

Top 24 Players make the A Division Finals.
Automatic Tiebreakers are turned on and will be used to seed the field.
Exception will be for 8th and 24th place will not use the Automatic Tiebreakers. All players tied with the same amount of accumulated points for the 8th and 24th positions will have a 1 GAME tiebreaker to determine who gets a bye and/or who gets into the final and who doesn’t. This 1 GAME tiebreaker is significant and will result in the final placing for all players who finish 25th or worse in the tournament. Game itself will be chosen by the tournament director and order of play will use the automatic tiebreaker finishing position with the higher seed getting last available order spot. Example: We have 10 players with the same amount of points who finish from 21st-30th in qualifying. They all get to play a 1 GAME tiebreaker. The order of play will be 30th goes first, 29th goes 2nd, 28th goes 3rd, etc. The highest score in the tiebreaker gets 21st seed & moves onto finals, 2nd highest gets 22nd seed & moves on, 3rd highest 23rd seed, 4th highest 24th seed. Then the rest of the group is out of the tournament with their final finishing position being determined by that tiebreaker. 5th highest would be 25th place, 6th highest would be 26th place, etc. all the way to 30th place.
This tiebreaker will also be significant for the 8th place position. Example: we have a 6 way tie for 8th place (8,9,10,11,12,13). Based on the Tiebreaker game the winner would get the 1st round bye, 2nd/3rd/4th/5th would be seeded 9th/10th/11th/12th and get a bank choice in round 1. The person that finished 6th in this example tiebreak would be seeded 13th in the main final with no choice of bank.

B & Novice Division Finals Players

Top 16 Players Make the B & Novice Division Finals. Automatic Tiebreakers are turned on and will be used to seed the field. Exception will be 16th place. That position will have a 1 GAME Playoff from the Classic Group of games. This one game will be significant and result in the final position for those players that don’t make it into the final. Example: We have 3 players ties at 15th place. After tiebreaker game winner would be placed 15th, 2nd would be placed 16th, 3rd would be place 17th. Game will be selected by the tournament director.  Final field will then be set for Sunday.

Event 3: 8 Strikes Classics Fair Strike Knockout

Saturday February 17th, 2024
5PM Projected Start Time
Midnight Projected End Time

This Knockout Tournament is an 8 Strike Classics Tournament played in groups of 4 (3 when necessary).
Only the games from roughly 1985 and older will be used (Non-DMD games this is the B group at District 82 Pinball)
Random Seeding to start, then Swiss Style. Games drawn randomly.
Groups of 4 will play against each other on a single machine
1st Place No Strike, 2nd and 3rd Place 1 Strike, 4th Place 2 Strikes
3 player matches (as needed) 1st Place No Strike, 2nd Place 1 Strike, 3rd Place 2 Strikes
2 player matches (as needed) 1st Place No Strike, 2nd Place 2 Strikes
Once a player has 8 strikes they are out of this tournament
The tournament continues until there is one player remaining.
A tie for first place will result in a 1 GAME Tie Breaker randomly chosen by the tournament director. Ties between 2nd-8th position will be broken with a 1 Game game tie breaker for the affected players to determine the trophy and/or cash received. The game will be selected by tournament director and be a classic game for the tiebreaker. When reporting this to IFPA for points those ties will be reported as such except a tie for 1st place. 1st Place is significant and will be reported as a win and not a tie. No playoffs or finals.

Top 4 trophies, Top 8 cash prizes

Main Event Finals

Sunday February 18th, 2023
8AM Doors Open Practice
9:15AM Start Time
5PM Projected End Time

All 3 divisions will be using the same games in the finals. These will be roughly half the games inside of District 82. Rows 5-8, AC1 & AC2. Choice of game banks will start with Division A, then go to Division B then go to Novice Division for each round. So we will wait to start a new round after all 3 Divisions have completed there games each round.

No practicing on the games in any of the finals banks at all on Sunday. This includes people whom are not in the playoffs as well.

We will start finals for A Division Round 1, Then B Division Round 1, Then Novice Division Round 1. All the finals will be running at the same time in the same area of District 82.

A Division

Top 24 Players from the Main Event Qualifying will play in the Finals. No points carry over from qualifying. If someone doesn’t show up the 25th or next highest person from qualifying available will take there place. The format will consist of 4 rounds of 3 game banks. Top 8 qualifiers get a 1st round bye. Groupings for first round will be (9th, 16th, 17th, 24th), (10th, 15th, 18th, 23rd), (11th, 14th, 19th, 22nd), (12th, 13th, 20th, 21st) Games will be played one at a time. High seed in each group will get choice of Bank and Order on 1st game. Subsequent games the order choice is reversed with 4th place getting to pick first, then 3rd place next, etc. The games that are in the banks will be similar or the same as the ones used in qualifying but will have 1 classic, 1 mid, and 1 modern pin in each bank. The banks will be the same round to round in finals so once the high seed chooses a final bank that same person cannot choose that bank again for the rest of the tournament. Also, once a bank is selected it is out for that round so other players may not choose that same bank that round. If a game goes down during finals and cannot be fixed that high seed in that group gets to pick a new game of the same era to play from any of the available games in the finals area that does not have another group playing on it. If there is tie that needs to be broken the higher seed involved in the tie gets choice to pick game or order on the game. Any game from the finals area, from any era, may be played as the tiebreaker game. The other player then gets to choose order first. Scoring will be 4/2/1/0 for each of the 3 games. Top 2 advance bottom 2 are eliminated.

The 8 Eliminated players from 1st round will ranked 17th-24th according to how many points they accumulated in this round. Ties will not be broken.

In the Quarterfinal Round, the players advancing from the previous round will be reseeded according to their original ranks and divided into four groups as follows.

16 Players

Group 1:  1    8    9   16
Group 2:  2   7   10  15
Group 3:  3   6   11  14
Group 4:  4   5   12  13

The 8 eliminated players will be ranked 9th-16th according to the accumulated points in this round. Ties will not be broken.

For the Semifinal Round, the 8 players advancing will be divided into two groups of four. The groups will be organized according to the original qualifying rank as shown here:

8 Players

Group 1:   1    4   5   8
Group 2:   2   3   6   7

The 4 eliminated players from this round will be ranked from 5th-8th based on the accumulated points from this round. Ties will not be broken.

The four remaining players advance to the final round. The final round is conducted in the same manner as the Semifinal Round. The total scores for this round will determine the ordering of the winners. All ties in the final round are considered significant and will be broken with a 1 game playoff. The final reporting of points to IFPA will show 1st-4th place with no ties.

Top 4 Trophies/Plaques and Top 24 Cash Prizes

B & Novice Division

These will be conducted the same as above except only 3 rounds in total as no one has a bye. They will start at the quarterfinals section above and continue on to the end.

Top 4 Trophies/Plaques and Top 16 Cash Prizes in each division

Overall IFPA Position in Tournament (Assuming 80 Players with 36 in A, 22 in B, 22 in Novice)

You overall position in the tournament will be dependent on your finals performance too.
A Division: You are playing for 1st-24th in the overall tournament
B Division: You are playing for approximately 37th-42nd in the overall tournament
C Division: You are playing for approximately 59th-71st in the overall tournament

Split Flipper Tournament, Head to Head, 3 Strike Knockout

Sunday February 18th, 2024
8AM Doors Open Practice
9AM Start Time

This tournament is for anyone who did not make the finals. If you made the finals you are not allowed to play in this tournament. This is just for fun and it is not IFPA sanctioned.
We will use roughly 1/2 (Depends on Player Count) of the games inside District 82 for this tournament. These games will also double as the free play area for everyone to play on during the day. The finals for the Main Event are using the rest.
Split Flipper uses a 2 person team to compete. Teams will most likely be selected by IFPA rank in a ‘Slaughter’ manner. This means that the highest ranked person with be paired with the lowest ranked person. The 2nd highest ranked person will be paired with the 2nd lowest ranked person, etc.
Split Flipper is played with one person playing the left flipper(s) and one person playing the right flipper(s) at the same time
Any and all advice will be permitted between teammates while they are playing.
Once the teams are selected the tournament will begin.
I am going to use Matchplay software for this tournament and will enter each team name as just both of your names and NO IFPA ID associated with it.
Format will be a 3 strike knockout, head to head matchups.
So we will have 4 players (2 teams of 2 players each at each game)
Your team will either win or lose your game
Winners advance with no strike, losers advance but 1 strike is given.
Once your team receives 3 strikes you’re out of the tournament
Tournament continues until we have a winner. If we have a tie for 3rd/4th place another game will be played to break that tie

Trophies/Plaques for Top 4 teams

Refund Policy:

You cannot ‘sell’ your tournament registration to another person. You need to go through District 82 if you want to attend or cancel your registration for this event. If you cancel your registration by the following dates I will send you back some but not all of your money. Make sure you are able to attend this event before you send payment. The amounts are listed below. Anyone from the waitlist who gets in will still have to abide by the below refund dates so please make sure you want to attend before you send me your money.

Cancel Registration By:
Saturday December 16th, 2023 6PM CST Full Refund
Saturday December 30th, 2023 6PM CST $200 Refund
Saturday January 13th, 2024 6PM CST $150 Refund
Saturday February 3rd, 2023 6PM CST $100 Refund
Saturday February 10th, 2023 6PM CST $75 Refund

After February 10th, 2023 No Refunds of any amount. If you participate in only part of the 3 tournaments or can’t continue no refunds or credit to future events will be given either.

How to Cancel

You can unregister by clicking the unregister link on this page (next to the Register/Waitlist Button above) or by sending a detailed email to [email protected]. Both are time and date stamped and I will process your refund in the same manner you paid (Credit Card, Pay Pal, etc.) as soon as I can. This is not an automatic system so I personally need to process any refunds. It may take a couple days if I’m not in town when you cancel.
If the coronavirus or some other disease numbers go crazy (crazy is relative to every person individually) but I am still legally allowed to hold these tournaments, then the tournaments will go on as planned and no refunds will be issued.

If Event is Cancelled/Snow Storm

If this event is cancelled for any reason then a full refund will be issued to everyone. I would base any weather related cancellation or delays on the weather in Green Bay, WI. If I delay the start of a day I may make up that time by limiting breaks, etc. Please save the email address [email protected] in your contacts folder so email updates don’t go to spam folder. District 82 is not responsible for any other costs you may have incurred like lodging, car rental, or airfare for this event.

Private Parties at District 82 Pinball

Have District 82 Pinball host your Private Event, Team Building Event, or Birthday Party! We have 2 different options. You get the the whole place to yourselves not just a side room.

Click here for more details on private events


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