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2023 Frosty Flipper Tournaments

December 9, 2023 @ 9:00 am - December 10, 2023 @ 5:00 pm


2023 Frosty Flipper Tournaments

3 IFPA Tournaments over 2 Days – New Format – Certified Classics Main Event

Saturday will feature an all classic games, IFPA Certified Main Event Qualifying; then a Progressive Knockout Tournament using all games that night. Sunday will have the finals for the Main Event and a Target Match Play Tournament using all games running concurrently. The Certified Main Event and Progressive Knockout will have prize money. The Sunday Target Match Play will not have prize money. We will also have a 4th ‘warm up’ tournament on Friday Night December 8th.  Registration for the Friday night tournament starts 5 minutes after The Frosty Flipper registration opens. You can click this link for more info and/or to register for that tournament.
Friday Night Registration Link: https://district82.com/event/stern-army-flippin-friday-tournament/

All these tournaments are open; this means anyone can sign up for them as long as we have space. Capacity is 150 players. New players are welcome.

Main difference in the format from last year is we are not doing 3 ‘equal points’ tournaments and combining for an overall prize this year. This year we have a Main Event with finals, 2nd Tournament, and a 3rd tournament that will be held simultaneously with the finals of the main event. Plus a 4th tournament on Friday night if you want to come a day early and get some more pinball.

Live Stream:

All tournaments will be live streamed on Twitch with Fox Cities Pinball Stream Here: https://www.twitch.tv/foxcitiespinball

2 Hotel Deals:

These 2 Hotels are very close to D82. Green Bay is not very big and does have lots of hotels due to the Packers being here. December 10th is the Bye week for the Packers and all hotels should be priced normally and have plenty of rooms.

Cobblestone Hotel & Suites in De Pere is a brand new hotel (building built in 2022) and is offering a corporate rate on hotel rooms for District 82 events. The rooms are all really nice and the hotel is located 2.1 miles from District 82 in downtown De Pere. The room rates start at $109 per night. Use this link https://be.synxis.com/?Hotel=37764&Chain=7721&promo=DIST82 or Promo Code DIST82 when booking through them directly.

Kress Inn which is only 2 miles away from District 82 right in downtown De Pere has a deal as well. The discounted rate gives up to 15% off the best year round price they have. You can call them at 800-221-5070 and reference District 82 Pinball or use the following link for an online booking: http://www.choicehotels.com/ires/en-US/html/ArrivalInfo?hotel=WI118&srp=LDIS82&pu=no


Overhead ‘house’ lighting will be on for Frosty Flipper Saturday-Sunday Tournaments. Overhead lighting will be off for Friday ‘Warm Up’ Tournament.

Main Event:

10 Rounds 2 Games Per Round of Classic (Older, faster playing) Pinball Machines. Tiered Swiss Pairings. Top 24 Players Move onto finals for Sunday.
All 24 finalists of Main Event will receive prize money.

IFPA Certified Approval 

All of these tournaments will be approved for IFPA points. The Main Event follows the certified format for 2023 and will be certified+ if we have 128 or more players. The main event will be 200% TGP with a 25%-50% event booster based on number of players which will put it at 250%-300% for WPPR Points. The 10 strike knockout tournament and target match play tournament should be about 100% TGP each. The Friday Warm up Tournament will be 140% TGP.

$160 Cost – All in Price – Paid when you register

$160 Per Player ($100 Admission to District 82 $60 to Prize Pools). This pays for all 3 tournaments Saturday-Sunday. District 82 pays sales tax, IFPA fees, Credit Card Fees, trophies, etc out of admission costs. All pinball machines are on Free Play, so no coin drop costs either. 100% of prize pool money goes to players as money prizes. This $160 cost is PAID IN ADVANCE WHEN YOU REGISTER. Not at the door when you arrive. Please read the refund policy below. If you pay and then cancel you WILL NOT get 100% of your money back.

The Friday Night Tournament is separate from the the Frosty Flipper Tournaments and has a separate charge and registration. $25 Cost is paid at the door, not in advance. Registration link is above for this event.


150 Players for these tournaments


Registration Opens Sunday October 1st at 1PM Central Time. Don’t pay until you are registered!

I will be registering up to 10% of the register list, 15 people, in advance whom are either sponsors, last years winner, and those helping to make this event happen. Also, The IFPA Board of Directors (they don’t count in the total).

Registration for The Frosty Flipper Tournaments is a 2 step process

  1. Secure your spot – be one of the first 150 people to register on this site when registration opens on Sunday October 1st at 1PM Central Time — That is the rush part and is the same as it has always been for all my events. Exactly at 1PM a blue button that says ‘Register’ will appear (you need to hit F5 to refresh your browser). Click that button and give me your name and email then click submit. You can only register for one person at a time. Once you have secured your spot the rush is over, take a minute, and correctly pay for it.
  2. Pay for your registration – After you register above, pay with a credit card by clicking the “Buy Now” button below which takes you to Square Pay or sending [email protected] a pay pal with the required funds. Pay Pal you can use either merchant or friends and family. Make sure you put your name that you registered with somewhere in the notes of the payments. I have to manually check the registration and payment systems separately and match them up. You can pay for more that one person at a time, just give me a note or send an email as to whom you are paying for. You can also pay cash for a $10 Discount ($150 Total), but only if you are coming to Super Series Week Tuesday October 10th-15th and pay the cash at that time. Just send me an email saying you are going to pay in full on one of those dates. All sales taxes, fees, etc, are in that cost. If you pay first and don’t secure a registration your money will be refunded (less any fees incurred by District 82). Follow the instructions and Register First, Pay Second. Make sure you read and understand the Refund Policy stated below.


I will not be offering individual tournament registrations on these tournaments at this time.

Pay for your entry into all 3 tournaments using the button below AFTER you secure your spot in The Frosty Flipper. Do not pay any money if you are not registered. Do not pay any money if you are on the waitlist. You will be contacted by email if you move up from waitlist to registered.


Frosty Flipper - Entry Fee

Frosty Flipper – Entry Fee


Buy now


3 Separate Tournaments over 2 Days
Saturday December 9th – Sunday December 10th, 2023
Main Tournament ($40 per player prize Pool Money) spans both days and will be between 250%-300% TGP for WPPR Points from IFPA
Saturday Knockout Tournament ($20 per player Prize Pool Money) should be 100% TGP each for WPPR Points from IFPA
Sunday Target Match Play Tournament ($0 per player Prize Pool Money) should be 100% TGP for WPPR Points from IFPA
Friday (Separate Registration & no prize money) will be 140% TGP for WPPR points from IFPA

$160 Total Cost Per Player broken down below

Admission to District 82 is $100

Admission costs go directly to District 82 and includes all games on free play, sales taxes, credit card fees, IFPA endorsement fees, trophies, etc.
We will not be open to the public during this event on Saturday or Sunday. The Frosty Flipper is an event only for the players who are participating in it. We do not have a separate tournament area, free play area or viewing area. You may have someone stop by for a short amount of time but they may not hang out here while the tournaments are in progress.
You can come and go with all 100+ games on free play the whole time. Click here for current game list.
You can bring in your own food and drinks. BYOB is fine. You can order food and have it delivered. I should also have a food truck out front Friday & Saturday too.

Prize Pool Money is $60

$40 Per Player goes to the Main Event
$20 Per Players goes to 10 Strike Knockout
$0 Per Player goes to Target Match Play
$0 Prize Money in Friday Night Tournament

Schedule of Events December 8th-10th, 2023

Friday December 8th is an extra day if you want to come early and has a separate charge of $25 not part of the Frosty Flipper
Friday 3PM – Doors Open
Friday 6PM – Flippin’ Friday Tournament Starts (IFPA approved but No Cash Prizes)

———–Frosty Flipper Schedule Below———-

–Saturday Dec 9th–
Saturday 8AM – Doors Open Practice
Saturday 9AM-5PM – Certified Classics Main Event Qualifying
Saturday 12:30PM – Short Lunch Break
Saturday 5:30PM-Midnight – Event 2 – 10 Strike Progressive Knockout All Games
Saturday Short Dinner Break will be in-between tournaments

–Sunday Dec 10th–
Sunday 8AM Doors Open and Practice on Non-Finals Machines
Sunday 9AM-3PM Main Event Finals
Sunday 10AM-5PM Event 3 – Target Match Play All Games

Food Trucks

Friday Dec 8th Captain Quesadilla Food Truck 4-8PM
Saturday Dec 9th 11AM-2PM Jamaica Mi Krazy
Saturday Dec 9th 5PM-9PM Jamaica Mi Krazy


District 82 Pinball Arcade
800 O’Keefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115


December 9th-10th, 2023
Doors open and Practice Starts 1 hour before each tournament begins
Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of 1st tournament each day to check in
If you have not checked in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you may be removed from tournament.


3 Tournaments, 1 registration starting Sunday October 1st, 2023 at 1PM Central Time.

Once you register you need to pay for your spot. You have until Noon December 1st, 2023 to pay via Credit Card or Pay Pal. Once you have paid you are all set. If you do not pay you may be removed from registration and the next person on the waitlist will be moved up and given 24 hours to pay for there spot.
You can also pay cash for a $10 Discount ($150 Total), but only if you are coming to District 82 the week of the Super Series October 10th-15th. You can pay cash later but the price will be $160. Just send me an email saying you are going to pay in full that Super Series week.
All machines are on Free Play so no additional costs, you can play any game you want in-between rounds, during practice & breaks the whole weekend.

We will have short designated breaks for lunch and dinner on Saturday Only. You will not have time to go to a sit down restaurant. You will have time to go to Food Truck out front, Quik Trip, McDonalds, Taco Bell or Starbucks (that’s new right next to McDonalds) or order food and have it delivered.

Bottled water is free and sponsored by our friends at Lumberjack Johnny’s
Soda will cost $1 per can
You can bring beer, soda and food yourself. Just please bring a cooler; I don’t have much extra fridge space for you items.


Thank You to all of our sponsors who are a big part of making this event happen!


Trophies for top 4 each tournament

Main Event pays out all 24 players who play in finals
Money Prizes for top 8 in 10 Strike knockout
Prize amount is based on number of players. Paid out as a check from District 82.
$40 per player goes into the money prize pool for the main tournament and $20 for 10 Strike Knockout.
You are responsible for any income taxes. If you win over $600 in prize money from District 82 in a calendar year you will need to fill out a W-9 and will receive a 1099-MISC for the total amount of your winnings. You will also get a check from District 82 not actual cash.

Certified Main Event

Prize Pool of $40 per player

Main Cash Prizes % for 1st-24th
1st 28%
2nd 16%
3rd 10%
4th 6%
5th-8th 4% each
9th-16th 2% each
17th-24th 1% each

*Example Assuming 150 Players: $6,000 Total Prize Pool — actual payouts will be more or less depending on number of players

1st $1,680
2nd $1,080
3rd $480
4th $360
5th-8th $240 each
9th-16th $120 each
17th-24th $60 each

10 Strike Progressive Knockout

Prize Pool of $20 per player

Cash Prizes for 1st-8th

  • 1st 35%
  • 2nd 20%
  • 3rd 15%
  • 4th 10%
  • 5th-8th 5% each

*Example Assuming 150 players, $3,000 prize pool — actual payouts will be more or less depending on number of players

  • 1st $1050
  • 2nd $600
  • 3rd $450
  • 4th $300
  • 5th-8th $150 each

ALL Tournaments are IFPA approved for points and will be submitted ASAP after each tournament.

The prize money awarded at the tournaments are final. The tournament directors’ decisions on rulings are final. You agree to these terms by signing up. You can’t come back after the tournaments are finalized and dispute your finishing position or prize payout for any reason. Any discrepancies need to be brought up immediately to tournament director, at and during, the tournaments themselves.

Tournament Formats:

Main Event Qualifying 

Saturday December 9th, 2023
8AM Doors Open for Practice
9AM Tournament Starts
5PM Projected End Time

The Group Match Play Qualifier will be played in groups of 4 (3 when necessary).
Random Seeding to start, then Tiered Swiss Style thereafter. If Tiered Swiss not available then Swiss will be used. MatchPlay Software will be used for the tournaments.
Each Round will consist of a 2 games played 1 at a time on the older, ‘classic’ games at D82.
You will receive 3/2/1/0 scoring on each game
Automatic Tiebreakers will be turned on
Once 10 rounds are played (20 Games Total) the top 24 players make it to the final
8th & 24th place will not use the Automatic Tiebreakers. All players tied with the same amount of accumulated points for the 8th or 24th position will have a 1 GAME tiebreaker to determine who gets into the final and who doesn’t. This 1 GAME tiebreaker is significant and will result in the final placing for all players who finish 25th or worse in the tournament. Example. We have 10 players with the same amount of points who finish from 21st-30th in qualifying. They all get to play a 1 GAME tiebreaker. The person with the lowest tiebreaker score finishes the tournament in 30th place. This tiebreaker will also be significant for the 8th place position. Example: we have a 6 way tie for 8th place (8,9,10,11,12,13). Based on the Tiebreaker game the winner would get the 1st round bye, 2nd/3rd/4th/5th would be seeded 9th/10th/11th/12th and get a bank choice in round 1. The person that finished 6th in this example tiebreak would be seeded 13th in the main final.

Game List

Game list for the Classics Main Event Qualifying as of August 2023 is listed below. This may change a little as we get closer to the tournament date but will be very close.

The other tournaments may use all the games and will alternate between newer and older each round. The complete list of pinball machines at District 82 is here: https://district82.com/game-list/

Because of the number of players some groups will be playing game 1 on a certain game and then a second group may have that same machine as their game 2. Just wait for the 1st group to finish then play your game.

If a game goes down and cannot be repaired quickly you will be given a replacement game.

  1. 1964 Palooka
  2. 1967 Melody
  3. 1969 Post Time
  4. 1971 Doodle Bug
  5. 1971 Spanish Eyes
  6. 1974 Sky Kings
  7. 1975 Hi-Deal
  8. 1975 Triple Strike
  9. 1976 Volley
  10. 1977 Stingray
  11. 1978 Lectronamo
  12. 1978 Lost World
  13. 1978 Mata Hari
  14. 1978 Memory Lane
  15. 1978 Stars
  16. 1978 Strikes & Spares (Bally)
  17. 1978 Wild Fyre
  18. 1979 Dolly Parton
  19. 1979 Harlem Globetrotters
  20. 1979 Hot Hand
  21. 1978 Kiss (Bally)
  22. 1979 Magic
  23. 1979 Meteor
  24. 1979 Paragon
  25. 1979 Star Trek (Bally)
  26. 1979 Supersonic
  27. 1979 Trident
  28. 1980 Alien Poker
  29. 1980 Flight 2000
  30. 1980 Frontier
  31. 1980 Hotdoggin’
  32. 1980 Mystic
  33. 1980 Seawitch
  34. 1980 Skateball
  35. 1980 Silverball Mania
  36. 1980 Viking
  37. 1980 Xenon
  38. 1981 Barracora
  39. Eight Ball Deluxe LE
  40. 1981 Flash Gordon
  41. 1981 Jungle Lord
  42. 1981 Pharaoh
  43. 1982 Vector
  44. 1983 BMX
  45. 1984 X’s & O’s
  46. 1985 Comet

Event 2: 10 Strike Progressive Knockout

Saturday Dec 9th, 2023

You will play in groups of 4 players (3 when necessary), random seeding to start, then swiss style pairing thereafter. You will get 0/1/2/3 strikes per round (1 game per round). Once you receive 10 strikes you are out of the tournament. Once eliminated, you may stay and play all the games on free play the rest of the night. We alternate between A (1992 & newer DMD/LCD) & B (1991 & older Classics) Groups each round. Your final position will be determined by the round and number of strikes you have. Example if you go into a round with 8 strikes and someone else in a different group goes into a round with 7 strikes; you both get 4th place adding 3 strikes to your total. You would have 11 strikes and finish behind the person who ended the same round with only 10 strikes.

A tie for first place will result in a 1 GAME Tie Breaker randomly chosen by the tournament director. Ties between 2nd-8th position will be broken with a 1 GAME game tie breaker for the affected players to determine the trophy and/or cash received. Game will be selected by tournament director and the game itself will be either classic or modern based on what the next game choice would be been. When reporting this to IFPA for points those ties will be reported as such except a tie for 1st place. Only 1st Place is significant for IFPA points and will be reported as a win and not a tie. We will not be switching to all classics at 10PM as has been customary in the past at District 82. No playoffs or finals.

Cash Prizes for 1st-8th

Trophies or Plaques for 1-4

Event 3: 30 Points Target Match Play 3/2/1/0 scoring

Sunday Dec 10th, 2023
10AM Start Time
5PM Projected End Time

This tournament is going to run at the same time as Main Event finals but not use the same games.  This is a Group Match Play Tournament with Swiss seeding and 4 players (3 if necessary) in each group. Scoring is based on player performance for that one machine (3/2/1/0) or (3/1.5/0). This will be added to a running total for the tournament. The first player to reach 30 points is declared the winner and the tournament is over. If multiple players reach the target score on the same round the player with the higher total is the winner. A tie for first place will result in a 1 GAME tiebreaker. If there is a tie between 2nd-4th position it will be broken with a 1 GAME tie breaker for the affected players to determine the trophy and/or cash received. To be clear a tiebreaker will only occur if the software says you are tied. If someone finishes with the same amount of points as someone else but Match Play gives those players distinct finishing positions from the Automatic Tiebreakers being turned on, we will go with what the match play software says. Tiebreaker game will be randomly selected. When reporting this to IFPA for points those ties will be reported as such except a tie for 1st place. Also the overall series points will be a tie as well. 1st Place is significant and will be reported as a win and not a tie. No playoffs or finals.

Concurrent Tournament Players:
Any player from the Main Event finals can play in this tournament at the same time if they choose too but they run the risk of an absence for more than 3 minutes when it is there turn to play resulting in a score of 0 for 1st offence and a disqualification from the tournament for 2nd offence. This is different from the past when I would just plunge your ball after 1 minute. They can absolutely join the tournament late if they choose to also. They would just start at 0 points on whatever round we are on.

No Cash Prizes

2 Sets of 1st-4th Plaques or Trophies
1 Set of Trophies are for the overall top 4 or players that played in Main Event Finals.
1 Set of Trophies is for the players who are IFPA ranked 251 or lower, didn’t play in Main Event Finals, and didn’t place top 4 overall.

Main Event Finals

Sunday Dec 10th, 2023
9AM Start Time
2PM Projected End Time

No practicing on the games in any of the finals banks at all on Sunday. This includes all people not in the finals too. Rows 7 & 8 will be designated as the finals section for this tournament. Rows 1-6 will be used for the Target Match Play Tournament.

Top 24 Players from the Main Event Qualifying will play in the Finals. No points carry over from qualifying. You will finish the overall tournament somewhere between 1st and 24th based on your performance in finals. If someone doesn’t show up the 25th or next highest person from qualifying available will take there place. The format will consist of 4 rounds of 3 game banks. Top 8 qualifiers get a 1st round bye. Groupings for first round will be (9th, 16th, 17th, 24th), (10th, 15th, 18th, 23rd), (11th, 14th, 19th, 22nd), (12th, 13th, 20th, 21st) Games will be played one at a time. High seed in each group will get choice of Bank AND Order on 1st game. Subsequent games the order choice is reversed with 4th place getting to pick first, then 3rd place next, etc. The games that are in the banks will be similar or the same as the ones used in qualifying but will have 3 classic pins in each bank. Scoring will be 4/2/1/0 for each of the 3 games. Top 2 advance bottom 2 are eliminated. Should there be a tie for 2nd/3rd place a 1 game playoff will be played by the 2 affected players. That game  will be chosen at random by the TD.

The 8 Eliminated players from 1st round will ranked 17th-24th according to how many points they accumulated in this round. Ties will not be broken.

In the Quarterfinal Round, the players advancing from the previous round will be reseeded according to their original ranks and divided into four groups as follows.

16 Players

Group 1:  1    8    9   16
Group 2:  2   7   10  15
Group 3:  3   6   11  14
Group 4:  4   5   12  13

The 8 eliminated players will be ranked 9th-16th according to the accumulated points in this round. Ties will not be broken.

For the Semifinal Round, the 8 players advancing will be divided into two groups of four. The groups will be organized according to the original qualifying rank as shown here:

8 Players

Group 1:   1    4   5   8
Group 2:   2   3   6   7

The 4 eliminated players from this round will be ranked from 5th-8th based on the accumulated points from this round. Ties will not be broken.

The four remaining players advance to the final round. The final round is conducted in the same manner as the Semifinal Round. The total scores for this round will determine the ordering of the winners. All ties in the final round are considered significant and will be broken with a 1 game playoff. The final reporting of points to IFPA will show 1st-4th place with no ties.

Top 4 Trophies/Plaques and Top 24 Cash Prizes

Refund Policy:

You cannot ‘sell’ your tournament registration to another person. You need to go through District 82 if you want to attend or cancel your registration for this event. If you cancel your registration by the following dates I will send you back some but not all of your money. Make sure you are able to attend this event before you send payment. The amounts are listed below. Anyone from the waitlist who gets in will still have to abide by the below refund dates so please make sure you want to attend before you send me your money.

Registration Cancellation Dates & Refunds:
Before Saturday October 21st 6PM CST $150 Refund
Between Saturday October 21st & Nov 4th, 2023 6PM CST $120 Refund
Between Saturday Nov 4th & Nov 18th, 2023 6PM CST $90 Refund
Between Saturday Nov 18 & Dec 2nd, 2023 6PM CST $50 Refund

After Dec 2nd, 2023 No Refunds of any amount. If you participate in only part of the 3 tournaments or can’t continue no refunds or credit to future events will be given either.

How to Cancel

You can unregister by clicking the unregister link on this page (next to the Register/Waitlist Button above then it sends you an email that you then need to click on to confirm cancellation; if you have Gmail check your spam/advertisements folder) or by sending a detailed email to [email protected]. Both are time and date stamped and I will process your refund in the same manner you paid (Credit Card, Pay Pal, etc.) as soon as I can. This is not an automatic system so I personally need to process any refunds. It may take a couple days if I’m not in town when you cancel.
If the coronavirus or some other disease numbers go crazy (crazy is relative to every person individually) but I am still legally allowed to hold these tournaments, then the tournaments will go on as planned and no refunds will be issued.

If Event is Cancelled

If this event is cancelled for any reason then a full refund will be issued to everyone. I would base any weather related cancellation or delays only on the local weather in Green Bay, WI. If I delay the start of a day I may make up that time by limiting breaks, etc. Please save the email address [email protected] in your contacts folder so email updates don’t go to spam folder. District 82 is not responsible for any other costs you may have incurred like lodging, car rental, or airfare for this event.

Video Recording and Photography

By participating in this and any event at District 82 you agree to have yourself video recorded and also photographs to be taken. These will be used to record the event and for promotion of future events.

Private Parties at District 82 Pinball

Have District 82 Pinball host your Private Event, Team Building Event, or Birthday Party! We have 2 different options. You get the the whole place to yourselves not just a side room.

Click here for more details on private events



December 9, 2023 @ 9:00 am
December 10, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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