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Beat the Clock Tournament

August 16, 2023 @ 6:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Beat the clock pinball tournament

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Beat the Clock Results

Beat the Clock Pinball Tournament Details:

This pinball tournament is separate from the Summer Pinball Classic and requires its own registration. You pay for this tournament in person when you arrive and not in advance.

New Players Welcome!

This is considered the ‘Warm Up’ Tournament for the Summer Pinball Classic but you do not need to be part of the Summer Pinball Classic to play in the this event. This is a stand alone tournament that starts and ends in 1 night.

This is one of our most popular tournament formats at District 82. This is 5 hours of tournament pinball only using the ‘classic’ machines. Winner with the most points after the final match is completed after the 5 hour mark is the winner.

Beat the Clock Pinball Tournament format. Group Match Play (7/5/3/1) scoring with Swiss Style Seeding. Tournament length will be based on time and not the number of rounds played. Will run from 6PM-11PM. The last round will be whatever round we are on at 11PM and we will complete that round. Also, we are only going to be using the “classic” games at District 82 for this tournament.

Overhead ‘house’ lighting will be off for this tournament.

IFPA approved

150 Player Capacity

Live Stream:

Tournament will be live streamed on Twitch with Fox Cities Pinball Stream Here: https://www.twitch.tv/foxcitiespinball

Food Truck:

Senor Taco will be here from 5-9PM


District 82 Pinball
800 O’Keefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115


Wednesday August 16th, 2023
4PM Doors Open Practice Starts
6PM Tournament Starts
If you have not checked in by start of tournament and haven’t communicated that you will be late you will be removed from tournament.
Will continue until 11PM and we will finish any round started before 11PM.
Winner is the person with the most points. No Playoff. No Side Tournament.


Limited to 150 people
Cost is $25 per person
Please click on blue register link above or send email to [email protected] if that doesn’t work or if full. Pay when you get here, not in advance.
All games on free play
Bottled water included (if you want something specific to drink you can bring it)
Soda is $1 can
Trophies for top 4, Stern Translite for overall winner too

Bottled Water Sponsored by our friends at Lumberjack Johnny’s

Beat the Clock Classics Tournament Format:

This is a 1 day tournament that will not be combined with anything else and their is no side tournament.
This is going to be group match play style with swiss style seeding. The difference here is that we are going to play only the EM and earlier solid state pins. These are all the faster playing games at District 82 (the B group). Plus, this tournament is going to be based on time and not rounds of play. We will start promptly at 6PM and continue until 11PM. You need to be at District 82 by 5:45PM to check in. Whatever round we are on when 11PM comes we will finish that round and that is the end of the tournament. I would guess we will get in between 12-14 rounds of play.

This is the current list of games (as of Jan 2023) that will be in the Beat the Clock Pinball Tournament. I reserve the right to add in a couple games or take out a couple games. But this list will be very close.

  1. 1964 Palooka
  2. 1967 Melody
  3. 1969 Post Time
  4. 1971 Spanish Eyes
  5. 1974 Sky Kings
  6. 1975 Triple Strike
  7. 1976 Volley
  8. 1977 Mata Hari
  9. 1977 Stingray
  10. 1978 Lectronamo
  11. 1978 Lost World
  12. 1978 Memory Lane
  13. 1978 Stars
  14. 1978 Strikes & Spares (Bally)
  15. 1978 Wild Fyre
  16. 1979 Dolly Parton
  17. 1979 Harlem Globetrotters
  18. 1979 Hot Hand
  19. 1978 Kiss (Bally)
  20. 1979 Magic
  21. 1979 Meteor
  22. 1979 Paragon
  23. 1979 Star Trek (Bally)
  24. 1979 Supersonic
  25. 1979 Trident
  26. 1980 Alien Poker
  27. 1980 Flight 2000
  28. 1980 Frontier
  29. 1980 Hotdoggin’
  30. 1980 Mystic
  31. 1980 Seawitch
  32. 1980 Silverball Mania
  33. 1980 Viking
  34. 1980 Xenon
  35. 1981 Barracora
  36. 1981 Flash Gordon
  37. 1981 Jungle Lord
  38. 1981 Pharaoh
  39. 1982 Vector
  40. 1983 BMX
  41. 1984 X’s & O’s
  42. 1985 Eight Ball Champ
  43. 1985 Comet
  44. 1985 Fireball Classic

Only Ties for 1st-4th place will be broken with a randomly selected classic game. 1st place would be a significant tie breaker in that whomever wins it also wins the tournament and will be reported to IFPA as a win. Ties for 2nd-4th are not significant and will only be played to determine whom gets the trophy. Ties for 2nd-4th will still be reported to IFPA as a tie. Automatic Tie Breakers will be turned off.


Erik Thoren
(920) 621-9631


District 82 Pinball
800 Okeefe Rd
De Pere, WI 54115 United States
+ Google Map
(920) 621-9631
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